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Hockey Challenge 2014

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Seattle selects Russian Mikhal Senturin

Tbirds use the 35th overall selection in the CHL Import Draft to select Mikhal Senturin of the Moscow Dynamo.

Senturin is listed as a 1992 birthday and is 6'0" and 176 lbs.

I will post more as information comes in.

EDIT: I can't find ANYTHING.... seriously...


NHL and Import Drafts...

NHL draft happened over the weekend and no Tbirds were selected... well technically one Tbird was selected. Anthony Hamburg was selected by the Minnesota Wild in the 7th round and the Tbirds have previously selected him in the 10th Round of the Bantam draft.

I'm not sure if he is still listed... Alan Caldwell did not have him on his annual post of Seattle's prospects but I know Hamburg played with Colin Jacobs at some point and that might carry some influence.

Probably more important is CHL Import Draft which will happen tomorrow. The Tbirds "twitter" places the pick happening around the 12:10 mark.

I would say the Tbirds are about 80% likely to select someone they know will come over and play next year, 15% likely to select someone who might not come over right away and about %5 likely to trade the pick. So I expect the selection tomorrow to be wearing a Tbirds jersey.


Website Update..

I know there aren't a ton of people checking in on the website daily... and I know that will increase quite a bit as we get closer to training camp.

I'm messing around with the layout so if things look bad or funny... don't freak out too much until we get closer to the start of the season. If it looks bad at that point... you can let me know.

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