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Hockey Challenge 2014

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Tentative schedule released...

Schedule Update

I checked around a few places and I think we can put the schedule together nearly completely.

Credit again to "The Reporter" for most of this.

Best I can tell... this is about 99% accurate and everything is of course subject to change. There is about a 3 week stretch in there where the Tbirds only have 2 home games.

Fri 09/18 Everett
Sat 09/19 Portland
Sun 09/20 @ Vancouver

Fri 09/25 Chilliwack
Sat 09/26 @ Portland

Fri 10/02 Tri

Sat 10/10 @Spokane
Sun 10/11Tri

Tue 10/13 Prince Albert

Fri 10/16 @ Everett
Sat 10/17 PG

Fri 10/23 Brandon

Sun 10/25 @ Calgary

Tue 10/27 @ Red Deer
Wed 10/28 @ Edmonton

Fri 10/30 @ Lethbridge
Sat 10/31 @ Medicine Hat
Sun 11/01 @ Kooteney

Fri 11/06 Spokane
Sat 11/07 @ Portland
Sun 11/08 @ Chilliwack

Fri 11/13 @ Kamloops
Sat 11/14 @ Everett
Sun 11/15 @ Vancouver

Tue 11/17 @ Tri

Fri 11/20 Kamloops
Sat 11/21 Everett

Wed 11/25 Regina

Fri 11/27 Portland
Sat 11/28 @ Portland

Fri 12/04 @ Spokane
Sat 12/05 Everett

Fri 12/11 Tri
Sat 12/12 @ Everett

Tues 12/15 Spokane

Fri 12/18 @ Spokane
Sat 12/19 Swift Current

Sun 12/27 Chilliwack

Wed 12/30 Saskatoon
Thu 12/31 @ Portland

Sun 01/03 Spokane

Fri 1/08 Everett
Sat 1/09 PG

Wed 1/13 @ Tri

Fri 1/15 @ Tri
Sat 01/16 Kamloops
Sun 1/17 @ Everett

Sat 1/23 Portland

Wed 01/27 @ Kelowna

Fri 01/29 @Spokane
Sat 1/30 @ Portland
Sun 1/31 Kelowna

Fri 02/05 @ Portland
Sat 02/06 Portland

Tue 02/09 @ Tri

Sat 02/13 Moose Jaw

Mon 02/15 Vancouver
Tue 02/16 @ Chilliwack

Fri 02/19 @Kamloops
Sat 02/20 Everett
Sun 02/21 Kelowna

Tue 02/23 @ PG
Wed 02/24 @ PG

Sat 02/27 Portland
Sun 02/28 Tri

Fri 03/05 @ Kelowna
Sat 03/06 Spokane
Sun 03/07 Tri

Wed 03/10 @ Tri

Fri 03/12 @ Everett
Sat 03/13 Portland
Sun 03/14 Vancouver

2009-2010 Schedule

So the official schedule isn't out yet.... but with a ton of other teams having already released their schedules we can basically put together almost the entire schedule.

"The Reporter" over on the message board can fill out every game but a few.

Still can't fill in Spokane, Kelowna and Kamloops games and home vs. Regina and at Lethbridge.

I'm expecting to see an official release sometime today.



Another update on the look and layout of the website here. I really have never liked the Ads that were put into the website (by me). I think they look tacky and often they have nothing to do with hockey... but the whole point of putting them there was to maybe make a few bucks to offset how much time I spend writing and doing things to cover the team. Obviously I don't do this for the money... I do it because I love doing it but a little extra cash for some beers at ShoWare never hurt anyone.

Bottom line.... I have never liked them and I haven't even cashed one check yet so I'm getting rid of them. As a substitute, I have placed a Donation button on the left. Nobody should feel obligated to donate, and I know times are tough for a lot of people. If you like my work here on the website and you want to give me a virtual pat on the butt you can now donate securely through the website.

I envision this being far down the road... but if I received enough in the way of donations I think it would be a great idea to take that money and pump it back into you, the fans, by organizing and hosting a Let's Go Birds event in the future. I'll take the money and we can get hardcore fans together to talk a little hockey before a big game. Who knows... I might even be able to secure "guest speaker" type event... but that is all in my visions for the future.

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