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Hockey Challenge 2014

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A Reminder About Comments

I leave for a weekend and clearly the inmates start running the asylum.

Just a reminder about leaving comments here on the blog. Comments are kind of a pain in my ass because I love hearing from the fans but there was a time ago where I required people to register and create SOME kind of commenting idea and people stopped commenting. Seriously... people are so lazy that they couldn't take 5 minutes to register IHA8FARWELL so they could make a comment on the blog.

As a result... we're now stuck with 100 keyboard tough guys that can post anonymously and never identify themselves (even with a fake name or handle!).

I'm fine with this. I'd rather have 100's of anonymous comments than no comments at all.


There is only a couple of clear rules I have here.  Be respectful to each other. Don't be racist.

You can disagree with each other (and/or me and Jon) as much as you want but keep it classy San Diego. If the best you can do is say "You're an idiot", please don't bother commenting.

Carry on...


Anonymous said...

As a hockey fan I really enjoy this blog and hearing other opinions and viewpoints. As a hockey mom, I appreciate your reminder. Carry on indeed!

Anonymous said...

Tyler and Jon.. please keep it going. It is unfortunate that some like to make such negative comments, slamming young prospects. These kids were invited to come here and are trying their best. Not everybody can be a superstar , not even those who make these comments . Let's cut the kids some slack.

tiny said...

agreed. kids like Lane Pederson are here trying their best and really putting in a super performance. negative comments slotting him in as a 4th line healthy scratch are just uncalled for.

Preformed opinions and agendas be damned, let the play on the ice stand for itself. this kid is the future of the franchise. instead of trying to undermine his efforts on a blog, embrace it and support our prospects!

Mr Tell13 said...

tiny, (and others)
I don't think it would really be a bad thing to see Pederson on a 4th line or healthy scratch once in a while (same thing for Barzal btw) resting the 16 y/o in this team's context is a GOOD thing.

As far as saying that due to linemates, Pederson showed much more than Barzal; I think its a strech (not because of anything lacking for Pederson, but because the hype and expectations are so high on Barzal)
When they both played on the first line against each other on Sunday evening scrimmage, I thought they were both doing a great job at opening the ice for their linemates. I also think that you would be on the losing side on an discussion if you say that Delnov and Honey are not overall better linemates than Lipsberg and Swenson. (IMO)

Gerneral question to all:
How many spots are open on the fwd side and who is taking tem?

Anonymous said...

I agree with Mr. Tell. If you put too much pressure and rush the progress of a 16 year old player, too often you actually hurt his development . Give them time to adjust . Major junior is much different than midget hockey . Like they say " the rookies have learn the ropes"

Anonymous said...

I agree. I would leave most of the 16's back in midget and if we do carry a couple, then use them sparingly.

The one excpetion would be Pederson. he clearly has a maturity about his game that is years ahead of his peers. He's more like a vet out there, and like has been repeatedly mentioned, has that rare ability to make those around him - even the older players - better.

I could see Pederson being a top 6 guy to start and eventually settling in to the starting center role, perhaps centering Lippy & Delnov.

I wouldn't rush the others though. Let them develop at their own pace.

Mr Tell13 said...

ok now I feel like I am reading a fake amazon review about the 3 wolfs shirt.

"Pederson is so mature, he told Miley Cirus to knock off twerking"

"Pederson make other players so much better that Elliot will become a 50 goals scorer"

"Pederson does not skate, the ice is pushing him where he wants to go"

ok, i'll stop
no offense to the Pederson fan(s) out there, he looks good, but I am a bit jaded from the previous camps. (how many times did we hear the man against boys comparison with Chance Lund?)

Anonymous said...

It is clear that Barzal's ability to make passes and set up his line mates is exceptional and will no doubt be a top six forward moving Into the season . It looks like a Pererson family member has found this blog

Anonymous said...

2:04 - thank you for chiming in Mrs. Barzal.

Anonymous said...

Sheesh! Neither one if these grasshoppers have suited up for a single WHL game yet and we are anointing them as top 6 players?

Sorry to burst your bubbles Mr/Mrs Barzal/Pederson but this is the WHL. Having a good training camp is a great thing (as both have had). But how about we see what they look like in game action before we start retiring their jerseys and naming streets after them.

First timer parents always good for a laugh if nothing else. Believe me when I tell you, it will all sort itself out.

You have both raised fine young players. Just relax and enjoy the ride.

Anonymous said...

All these comments about which 16 year old should be on the team and on the top lines. Come on now this is only training camp .I have complete confidence in the coaches to be able to sort this out and do what is the best for the kids and the team. RELAX!!!!

Anonymous said...

Unfortunately, looks like we've seen the last of Jagger Williamson for this year ...

JAGS ‏@jags_williamson 30m
I wanna thank @SeattleTbirds for all the great things they did to make this weekend such a great camp! Hopefully see you next year! #amazing

Anonymous said...

Great camp so far. Can't wait for the inter squad game.

I think our opening day roster should look something like this ...

Lipsbergs - Hickman - Delnov
Honey - Pederson - Troock
Swenson - Barzal - Sheen
Holub - Folk - Elliott
Easnor, Holowko

Theodore - Smith
Forsberg - Wardley
Hauf - Foulk
Osterman, Bear


Anonymous said...

I like the line-up above also.

Barzal and Bear are the "real deal"
Khaira and Fabbro are definitely the future on defense.

Might want to shop for a goalie.

Anonymous said...

Barzal was the best player on the ice today. Also, I like Douglas better than I like Wolf. Douglas is kind of like an upgrade on Taylor Green IMO. Anyway, great game today and I look forward to finding out who makes the cuts coming up.

Anonymous said...

Barzal will be the best player on the ice for the Birds every game. He is such an exciting player and will create scoring chances every shift. Us T-Bird fans hit the lottery getting him signed. This season will be exciting. 2014/15 will even be better when Barzal is 17 and in his draft year and Theodore and everyone is a year older. Sure it would be nice to get a veteran goalie, but I dont think its totally necesary this season. I really think 2014/15 will be the TBirds year so by then theyll have to see if Miles/Flodell/Mumaugh can carry the team, and if not, pay up huge for a great goalie. Cant wait for the next few years!!!!

Anonymous said...

Goalies..... Right now Seattle does not have a #1 goalie. Myles has mist basically 2 years of hockey, Mumaugh is small and slow, Flodell is small and young. Wake up .... If Seattle does not trade for a Vet, could be a long year in the pipes.

Unknown said...

I thought the goalies looked pretty good last night in the scrimmage. Flodell is small? It looks like he has decent size to me.

Jon and Tyler (or anyone else who might know), is there some significance to Elder and Volcan wearing T-bird lids at the scrimmage last night? I could sworn that Volcan started the scrimmage with his white helmet and finished with a blue one. The other 15s seemed to be wearing the helmets they came to camp with.

The scrimmages were very entertaining, but I'm excited to see how they do in preseason games when they aren't playing themselves.

Anonymous said...

I thought Barzal struggled to keep up with the vets in the intra squad game. Although, the Thunderbird media machine was working overtime to try and spin it differently. My personal favorite;

Seattle Thunderbirds ‏@TBirdsGameday 15h
White Goal! Lipsbergs gets own rebound. Beats Myles from left circle

and then, just to let you know he was on the ice, the need to add ...

Seattle Thunderbirds ‏@TBirdsGameday 15h
Prior to Lipsbergs goal. Myles made great lunging save to deny Lipsbergs. Barzal made a quick cross to Lips and Myles really stretched


compared to other goals "Honey banged one in"

My personal favorite from the recap ...

"Roberts Lipsbergs got White on the board at the 7:24 mark of the first.

Mathew Barzal moved the puck from the neutral zone to Justin Hickman on the right wing.

Hickman gained the offensive zone and then dropped the puck to Barzal.

Barzal quickly sent the puck to Lipsbergs and he put a shot on goal.

Blue goalie Justin Myles lunged to his right and made a pad save. The puck went into the left corner where Lipsbergs got it.

He curled up the wall, into the left circle and beat Myles with a wrist shot."

... in other words, Lipsberg - unnasisted.

But that's a long way of saying it and really reaching to credit Barzal with just about anything that happens when he's on the ice ... oh, except for they don't mention he was on the ice for all 3 goals against his squad.

Hey, farwell, we are all happy you signed the Golden Boy, but stop holding his hand already. Can he play in this league or not? That's all we care about. No spin. No polish. No window dressing. I guarantee you the other clubs in this league won't shelter him like he's been sheltered here. They will go at him and expose him if he's not ready.

I agree with a previous poster. It would have been nice to see him logging 3rd line ice with a couple of blue collar young guys. Can he carry those guys in this environment? We'll never know.

Make him earn his ice like everybody else. There is no other way to do it. You won't build a team around a pampered prima donna. It just won't happen.

Thunnex said...

I thought Barzal was one of the best players on the ice all day yesterday and I think this analysis and criticism is WAY off.

Is Barzal perfect? No. He's 16. He's also a generational talent and the best 16 year old this franchise has seen since Marleau.

I get that you might be tired of the hype but if you block out the white noise and just focus on his play he is incredible creative with good hands and vision that is beyond his age.

Could he stand to play better in his own end... sure. If he puts up a point per game as a 16 year old, I doubt anyone is going to have an issue with a defensive lapse here and there.

Settle down people... I don't under the fascination with cannibalizing our young players.

This isn't a contest between Barzal and the rest of the team. This is Seattle (including Barzal, Pederson, et al) against the WHL.

Kodi said...

Now that things are getting paired down can we start a "guess the roster" thread. Would really like both of your takes on it and to get some dialog between everyone on what they think the lineups will look like.

Thunnex said...

Coming your way today actually...

Anonymous said...

I'm starting to get the feeling that there is someone trolling this blog the last few days...Looking forward to the roster update later.

Anonymous said...

What did everyone think of Eansor? He didn't show up much on offense in my opinion but he seemed to be solid in his own zone.

Anonymous said...

Best of the best under the radar players sitting on the bench for most of White Blue game. Why did this guy not get into the game as it is only an intra squad game. When he did get on the ice, things happen, he hit on every shift, almost scored on a slap shot, set up Barzel who failed to score. He is an up and comer, watch out for him next year, his name...Holowko

Anonymous said...

Worst defenceman on ice during game, Forsberg. Gave puck away many times, skaters fly around him...only thing he can do, is to hold up skaters behind the net. Trade him NOW, before rest of league knows that he is DONE...

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