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Hockey Challenge 2014

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I'm back...

After a bit of an extended hiatus here during the summer I am back for a few notes.

Some fans are planning a Memorial Cup viewing party down at Gator's in Kent on Sunday for the Final.

The link to the Facebook invite is right here.

Also... The Bantam Draft came and went a couple of weeks ago and quite frankly I didn't find myself all that motivated to write anything about it. It's really difficult to get a read on 14 year old players at this point and it is almost equally as difficult to get very much reliable information about them on the internet.

The one interesting note that came out of the draft was the size of the players Seattle took. Generally speaking, one of the biggest mysteries about drafting Bantams is that you only get a few clues about whether a player will grow taller or bigger over the course of their career in the WHL. Seattle has obviously made a concerted effort to avoid this problem by drafting, on average, taller players than any other team in the WHL. They won't have as much of a guessing game as courtesy of Alan Caldwell the Tbirds average draft pick already stands 6'1" tall. 1st Round pick Ryan Gropp stands 6'1" and 2nd round pick Austin Douglas already measures 6'5" and 195 lbs... whoa.

This of course doesn't ensure that any of these selections will turn into great WHL players but at least the Tbirds won't have to worry about Douglas not having the required height.

Lastly, I have heard a few grumblings and rumors about the coaching search but nothing that has any kind of repeatable reliability. It's still pretty early in the process and there is plenty of time to hire a coach. I imagine we will likely see an announcement in the next couple of weeks.

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