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Hockey Challenge 2014

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Seattle selects Russian Mikhal Senturin

Tbirds use the 35th overall selection in the CHL Import Draft to select Mikhal Senturin of the Moscow Dynamo.

Senturin is listed as a 1992 birthday and is 6'0" and 176 lbs.

I will post more as information comes in.

EDIT: I can't find ANYTHING.... seriously...

1 comment :

stbird said...

Man I can't find anything on this guy. I do wonder though if we will have the same problem alot of teams have, in getting Russian players over to the states.

One thing I did find that is kinda interesting, check out some of the alumni from that same Russian team.
Maxim Afinogenov
Darius Kasparaitis
Alexei Kovalev
Viktor Kozlov
Andrei Nikolishin
Alexander Ovechkin
Alexei Ponikarovsky
Alexei Yashin
Alexei Zhamnov

Not that it really means a whole lot, but kinda cool anyway.

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