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Hockey Challenge 2014

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Seattle has traded their 8th, 9th and 10th Round selections to Brandon. So I'll probably come back with a complete list after they make their final selections.

7th Round Selection

With their second selection in the 7th Round, Seattle selects Forward Brad LeLievre from Mill Creek, WA. Listed at 5'9" and 150 lbs it looks like he played for the Seattle Junior Admirals Bantam AA.

There have been some very vocal fans in the past couple of seasons that have been upset about the Tbirds not bringing in local kids to have a crack at the team. This selection should satisfy them a little bit.

Two picks later, Medicine Hat has selected Damon Hanson who played last season for Kent Valley.

7th Round Selection

Seattle has two 7th Round selections... with their first of those they select John Edwardh, Forward from Calgary, AB. Edwardh played for the Bisons last season and checks in at 5'8" and 135 lbs.

In 33 games last season he accumulated 46 points, including 32 goals.

6th Round Selection

After a short break for lunch, the draft has started again with the 6th Round and Seattle has selected Daniel Wray, Forward from Edmonton, AB. Wray is 6'1" and 187 lbs and played last season for CAC.

Wray becomes the 2nd forward selected this morning by Seattle.

Ciolfi "deleted"

Another note from the 5th Round as Seattle removes Robbie Ciolfi from their list after selecting Zach Douglas.

Ciolfi didn't make much of an impression while he was here last season, so this does not come as much of a huge shock.

Another 5th Round Selection

With their second selection in the 5th Round, the Tbirds have selected Zach Douglas from McTaggart, Sask. Douglas is 5'11" and 175 lbs and is only 2 days younger than Justin Myles.

So far Seattle has selected 4 Defensemen, 1 goalie and 1 Winger.

5th Round Selection

Seattle did not have a 4th Round Selection...

With their selection in the 5th Round, Seattle selects Goaltender Justin Myles from Calgary. Myles is a 01/01/1995 kid and becomes the oldest drafted player, he played for the Calgary Northstars.

Myles is 5'7" and 120 lbs.

3rd Round Selections

Seattle with two picks in this round and the first is James Neil, Right Wing from Surrey, BC. Neil is 6'0" and 170 lbs and played for Semiahmoo

I think it is pretty clear at this point that Farwell is going with kids that have already grown to a decent size as they haven't selected a player shorter than 6' in these first three picks.

A quick thought here... I wouldn't be too shocked to see the Tbirds take a chance and take Williams here since this is essentially an "extra" 3rd round pick.

With their 2nd selection in Round 3, the Tbirds select Shea Theodore, 5'10.5" 142 lbs out of Aldergrove, BC. Theodore must be pretty slender at nearly 5'11" and only 142.

At this point with Seattle (and nobody else) selecting Brian Williams out of Los Angeles, you would have to think that teams were pretty concerned that he wouldn't commit. And I'm ok with that. No point taking the kid if you aren't sure he is going to show up.

2nd Round Selection

Seattle selects another Defensemen and they select another big one. Taylor Green, 6'6" 202 lbs. from Port Coquitlam, BC.

Green played for the Port Coquitlam Pirates and had 50 points in 42 games, including 12 goals.

While most teams appear to be selecting smallish players, Seattle has now added two very large players.

More on Hauf

Here is the scouting report on Hauf. He was projected as the 18th best player in the draft and was projected to be selected by Calgary with the 22nd selection in the Mock Draft.

D Jared Hauf, 6-4, 170, Calgary Bronks bantam AAA

Hauf is a raw defenceman who projects to be a shutdown type. He has decent foot speed for such a big kid and is able to close gaps well using his long reach and above-average positioning.

Stats: 33 GP, 4-13-17, 72 PIMs. ranking: 18

Bantam Draft

Seattle does not select Brian Williams and instead selects Jared Hauf of the Calgary Bronks. Hauf is a 6'4" 170 lbs defensemen.

I really hope that Jared Hauf turns out to be one heck of a player because I'm finding it really hard not to be disappointed right now.


#1 on the jersey but #2 in the WHL

The WHL announced their award winners today and it shouldn't come as a shock that Calvin Pickard did not beat out Martin Jones of Calgary for Goaltender of the year. Jones posted fewer minutes played and faced fewer shots but had a better save percentage, more wins, more shutouts and lower GAA in addition to Jones being 19.

Pickard certainly deserved to be Western Conference goaltender of the year and he will likely have two more chances to win the WHL award in the next few seasons.

Award winners can be found here.


Bantam Mock Draft

The StarPhoenix out of Saskatoon has a mock draft up that was put together by scout Tyler Neisz from .

He predicts Williams to the Tbirds.... but I want you to pay particularly close attention to the players he projects at #5 and #6. Notice where Morgan Klimchuk and Jonathon Merkley are from? That's right... Calgary. I assume you know what WHL team loves drafting kids from Calgary. hmmm...

I've said before that I hope Seattle selects Williams and I hope he actually makes his way to Seattle but don't be shocked to see either of those Calgary kids land at #4.

As far as trades are concerned. Gregg Drinnan over at Taking Note is heavily suggesting that Seattle is shopping the #4 pick and even surmised that Regina might be talking to Seattle about moving from the 5th slot up to the 4th slot or perhaps getting the 4 in addition to the 5. Rod Pedersen reports that Regina GM Brent Parker will not be trading their pick at 5, that can be found here.


Just getting warmed up...

I want to get my arm (fingers) a little loose before the annual day of hope (WHL Bantam Draft) on Thursday. I will have all the picks here plus some analysis.

It's really tough to cover the Bantam Draft because for the most part I've never seen any of these 15 year olds play hockey before. Having said that... there is a very clear top story developing for the Thunderbirds for this draft.

Seattle selects 4th. American Brian Williams is a player who has been touted as a top player and would likely be the easy (arguable) #1 selection if not for the fact that he may not come play in the WHL.

If Williams is available at #4 and Seattle doesn't select him... we have to hope that Williams gave Farwell indications that he wasn't interested in reporting to the WHL. On the other hand... it has been stated that Williams would only come to the WHL if he was selected by an American team... hmmmmm. Seattle might wind up with a top talent while only having the 4th overall selection.

Still, even if Seattle does select Williams you'd have to be a bit concerned about whether he will report to Seattle. Let's hope that somehow Seattle gets Williams AND gets him to report to Seattle.

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