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Hockey Challenge 2014

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The Jon Report

I'm Jon, here my report.

This post started as thoughts on the last weekend and turned into a bunch of different thoughts I have had over the last couple days.


Hockey Challenge 2014

I'm way late and way behind getting started on fundraising for the Hockey Challenge 2014 and so I need the help of our faithful Let's Go Birds readers and followers to help me pick up the slack.

Today I have posted an updated photo with a link provided to a website called Razoo that our team is using to track our donations and reach our goal of $30,000 dollars.

To help get things jump started... I have pledged to match donations by you guys up to $250!!

This event and fundraiser has become very dear to me and hit home just a little bit harder when one of my little guys had to stay in NICU for 9 days after he was born.

I've never been able to hit $2,000 in money raised but I have once again set that as a lofty goal and you can track my progress with the widget on the right hand side of the blog.

Hockey Challenge is February 22nd when the Thunderbirds will host the Kamloops Blazers at 6:05.  The Thunderbirds game will be followed by the Celebrity Game that I have played in a couple of times now (no guarantee that I will be again... they don't quite consider me a celebrity... haha) and is usually a pretty good time.


Kevin Wolf after the Douglas fight

Here is the result of the fight Wolf had with former TBird Austin Douglas in Kamloops last weekend.  All I can say is ouch.  Photo taken by Frank Pray.


Bunch Of Random Thoughts

Here is a brain dump from this last weekend.  Subjects covered include the two new players, the two games, the playoffs, and a few more.


Jon's thoughts on the trade deadline moves and overall day

Here are my impressions of the two trades Seattle made near the deadline, and also a look at the disappointment the overall day brought me. 

I want to start this off by saying that I saw all the rumored trades we were a part off, the names being thrown around and all the trades we were (supposedly) close to completing.  But, I (and all of us fans) have ZERO knowledge of what the truth was.  So based on this, I will not speculate on any names of players, and why didn’t we go get XYZ. 

The two trades we did make:

I do not mind either of the trades Seattle made.  I think the trades did a great job of improving the team for this season, without sacrificing the young talent that we have.  However, I do not believe that either trade improved the team that significantly.   


Seattle At Prince George - Game Thread

Not sure what to say about this game.
Some guys back.
List of injured players grows.
No Troock or Myles.
And possibly the future goalie called up.

Game tonight in PG, or maybe not (Now game on)

You just cant make this stuff up, but the city workers union in PG may walk off their jobs over a lack of contract.

This is the latest newspaper article about it.

The part of the article that means the most is

"On Saturday, CUPE also issued a 72-hour strike notice to arena facilities, as required in the interim essential services agreement set out by the B.C. Labour Relations Board."

So, they can walk off the job today.  And from what I have heard, that may mean that the arena can not open.

If this happens, your guess is as good as mine about what they would do.

********* Update
This appeared on twitter at 1:35pm
"@PrinceGeorgeCitizen - RT @CharelleEvelyn: 'We're working hard,' says one member of CUPE team. 1048 prez Janet Bigelow says some progress being made. #cityofpg"

*************** Update
At about 4:45pm
CUPE and #cityofpg have come to a tentative agreement.


Seattle at Edmonton - Game Thread

Game two of a not so fun road trip.
Going to be a very tough game against a very good opponent.
Will still be shorthanded for helpfully only one more game after this.


Seattle at Red Deer - Game Thread

Game one of a 5 game road trip.
Current weather conditions are 25 degrees F.
But by game time, its supposed to be snowing, temperature of 9 degrees and -1 with a wind chill.
Bring on the hot stove.

I'm back (sorta)

I have a moment here to put some thoughts to keyboard, so I figured I might as well try to get something out.

First off, I want to thank everyone for their congrats and well wishes. Needless to say this has been a crazy whirlwind of a week but it has also been extremely fun.

Joe came home with us on Sunday and his Mother and I have been adjusting to his schedule of demands and trying desperately not to post every stinking cute picture that he takes on Facebook/Twitter or on the blog (you're welcome).

Henry is still at the hospital but was upgrade to ISCU and should be coming home this weekend. I cannot begin to describe to you the feeling one goes through when your first born son doesn't breathe for the first 7 minutes of his life. It is the worst feeling I could have ever imagined multiplied by 1000. I've shed a few tears thinking about it and watching him "struggle" to breathe for several days after. In a way, it is kind of therapeutic to write about it and the good news is that he is improving little by little each day and the Doctors don't think he will have any long term issues.

As I'm sure you can imagine, I'm going to have a little less time for hockey over the next few weeks but our Doc said that he they can start going to games when they are a month old and dammit we're going to games!

I should have time to watch the game tonight and some games on the road trip and I'll probably just relay my feelings to Jon and let Jon handle getting posts up for now.

In the mean time, Go Birds and I'll probably be back to regular posting towards the latter part of the season.


Thoughts on loss to Kamloops, and look ahead to the road trip

The only thing I will say about the game the other night is "what could go wrong, did".
From Theodore's stick breaking, to posts, to pucks hitting stanchions and bouncing out of the zone, etc.  You could tell the players started playing as individuals, and that never happens.

I personally don't think it had to do with being short handed (but that didn't help).
It was just one of those games.
It wasn't goaltending, wasn't defense, wasn't offense.  It was everyone.

Now on the injury front.

The players that were scratches last night.

Due to injuries:


I heard rumors of what each injury is (but since they are not confirmed, I will not say what they are).
This is just my personal opinion (reminder, I am not affiliated with the team at all and also am not a doctor).
I would be very surprised in any of them play in the first 3 games of the road trip.
It is possible that a couple play in PG.

Due to being away at the U17's:


Since the U17's go until the 3rd or 4th, the earliest they could potentially be back for the games in PG but talk about a long trip back from Nova Scotia.
So they might do that but the team may also elect to give them a little break since the didn't get any over the holidays.

It seems to me like they'll have to find someone that can be called up to play for this 5 game road trip.

EDIT: At almost the exact moment I posted this. Andy Eide tweeted that both Nolan Volcan and Kaden Elder have been added to the roster for this weekend. So there you go.

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