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Hockey Challenge 2014

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Hockey Challenge Weekend is Here

Hockey Challenge weekend is upon us and it isn't too late to make a donation. If you make it in my name that would be great... but any donation is very much appreciated.

I have been led to believe that I am very close to my $1500 fundraising goal but I won't know my final numbers until probably next week. My team is very close to raising over $30,000 collectively.

My team (Team IEB) is playing at 1:55 tomorrow afternoon against the Microsoft Mystery Team.

I will not be playing in the Celebrity Game this year but I will be playing in the Top Contributors game at approximately 7:30 on Sunday following the TBirds and Silvertips game.

The Tbirds are in Tri-City tonight riding the wave of a TWO! game winning streak.

Seattle still has a lot of work left to sneak into the playoffs but this winning streak is a step in the right direction and if they can get 3-6 points out of this weekend they just might be in it.


I'm On The 'Clones - Official Music Video

Can you spot and name the former Thunderbird???

A bunch of notes...

Seattle wins at home last night coming from 2 goals down to forge overtime and eventually pick up the two points in the shootout. This was a massively important win for the Tbirds as they cling to hopes of the playoffs.

- Here is my version of an "I told you so..." Dave Sutter has improved so much over the course of the season and especially over the course of the past month. At the beginning of the season he wouldn't have even attempted one-timer slap shots and last night he executed a couple of pretty nice looking ones. Give this kid some more time and he should be pretty solid next year.

- Nice to see Seattle have some fight last night and we got to witness the closest thing to a "liney" as I have seen in a while. Of course we didn't actually get 5 fighting majors out of the thing... but hey... it was nice to see the boys sticking up for their teammates.

- Anyone who says that this team has quit playing hard and quit playing for Rob Sumner isn't paying attention. They may not be playing very well and the good outings are few and far between but I think it would be pretty hard to conclude that they have quit considering the way they continued to play hard after falling behind 3-1.

- WHL officiating this season has been horrific on the whole. The WHL is a development league for officials as well as players and it seems like on general observation that there have been a lot of new referees this season... and the results are showing. Let's hope they improve...

- Incredible penalty kill by Luke Lockhart, Marcel Noebels and Brenden Dillon in the first period that saw each one of them give up their bodies to block shots on a 5-3 PK. An incredible shift that inspired the crowd and their teammates. Unfortunately... I did notice that Noebels left the ice after that shift and did not return for the 2nd and 3rd periods... I hope he is ok.

- Last night was another example of why you should never pay attention to the "3 stars" of the game. Bruins goaltender Lucas Gore was not good in the first period and was lucky to escape without giving up a goal while his 64 save shot total might have been inflated by 10-20 shots. I'm not sure who is handing out the shots at ShoWare but they really need to get it under control. Pickard faces a ton of shots... but I'm pretty comfortable saying that his save totals are a tad inflated as well. Don't get me wrong... Gore recovered and played just fine... but as a fellow goaltender I would bet you that he would say that he could have played better, especially in the first period.

Seattle still has a ton of work to do to get into the playoffs but the 2 points tonight were huge.

Next weekend is the 2011 Hockey Challenge. I will NOT be playing in the Celebrity Game. I just can't seem to convince the team that I'm a Celebrity... haha

I will be playing in the Top Contributors game that follows the Tbirds game on Sunday. It isn't too late to get in your donations for this awesome cause and I want to thank everyone who has already donated and those of you that will donate between now and Saturday.



I was on vacation this past weekend marking my 3rd decade of existence on this planet. I guess the Tbirds won last night... nice... I'm having a hard time caring these days.

I'm much more focused on raising money for the Hockey Challenge than worrying about whether Seattle can gain the 8th seed and get smashed out of the playoffs in 4 or 5 games by Portland, Spokane or Tri-City.

Of note... Pickard made 57 saves in the win last night and I heard that Dave Sutter absolutely crushed Collin Valcourt in a rare fight. It's nice to know that in a year where we are rarely winning games (especially in the 2nd half) we can still win just about every fight we are in.

15 games left and Seattle has some work to do if they have visions of getting into that 8th spot in the Western Conference. 9 of those games are at home... which should be a good thing but when your home winning percentage is .370 I'm not sure how good that really is.


Another Loss

I got bored of listening to this crapfest about 30 minutes into the game. If anything interesting happened after that you guys will have to tell me about it.

On a brighter note... PLEASE donate to the Ronald McDonald House on my behalf. If you love me or you hate me please support an awesome cause.

At last check... I had only raised about $900 towards my $1500 goal. Help me get there.



This season is dragging on me.

I was able to witness my first ever victory in Everett last Friday night. What a fun time that was. I went up there with no expectations and wound up seeing a pretty good game.

Seattle was not good for the first two periods of the game but they were able to hang in there and hang around before getting the 2 goals in the 3rd period to tie the game and getting the overtime winner. Marcel Noebels was the story of the game for Seattle. He was absolutely fantastic getting 2 goals and assisting on the goal by Burke Gallimore.

Saturday was obviously a bit of a different story. Spokane looks like a team that could really make a run in the playoff this year. I have been very impressed by what I have seen out of them lately at ShoWare and on television.

Seattle wasn't very good on Saturday and I want to be very careful not to make too many excuses for the final 5-1 result but I feel like something needs to be noted about the officiating.

The league should be embarrassed. Trent Knorr and Dan Cowley were awful with the whistle and it wasn't just bad for Seattle it was awful for both teams. It just so happened that Spokane was able to cash in on 4/8 power play chances while Seattle was 0/6 on theirs.

I just don't have the energy to recap every single missed call because there were a bunch.

Seattle looks pretty determined to miss the playoffs at this point and it has become quite depressing.

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