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Hockey Challenge 2014

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Game 6 Thread - Kelowna at Seattle - Do or Die

Very short update for today because I won't actually be able to be at the game tonight. I have a couple playoff games of my own... sucks... but that's the breaks.

A few things to look for tonight:

  • Connor Honey was suspended for three games for his hit in Game 4. I didn't like the call and I don't like the suspension but there is no sense in Seattle dwelling on it. I hope every player realizes that to a certain extent it really is them against everyone else in the league. If I were Russ Farwell, I would have whipped out my checkbook and had a few choice words for the league... and not in private... to the media.
  • Watch for the team that is the aggressor tonight. It has appeared to me that Seattle got under Kelowna's skin in Games 1-3 and Kelowna was able to turn the tables on them in Games 4 and 5. The team that can push the edge without getting penalties is probably the team that wins tonight. Seattle has got to be aggressive and risk everything without sitting in the box 6 or 7 times tonight.
  • Crowd is expected to be close to 5000 again tonight. For a weeknight playoff game... that's an amazing number. Seattle will want to do some hitting (and goal scoring) early in the game to get the crowd going. If they can do that... they may not look back.
  • I wish I could say differently... but I think if Seattle loses this game they are dead in the water. I wouldn't want to going back to Kelowna having just blown a 3 game lead facing a 108 point club in their home building for a Game 7. It's win tonight or face extremely long odds tomorrow night.
Let's Go Birds!!

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