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Seattle vs. Calgary Game Thread.

Okay let's have everybody just take a breath calm down a little bit. Obviously none of us like losing and everybody's on edge a little bit when the team loses 22 of 25. Arguing with each other will most certainly accomplish nothing.

I can assure everyone that Russ isn't going anywhere. Like it or not. He's here to stay. Some may not like it but that's just a reality we have to deal with. I can also assure you that Russ and everyone in the front office wants to win. Nobody is trying to lose games. We can guess as to whether it ever happens with Russ in charge but I can guarantee that they are trying to make things happen.

Everyone take a deep breath and we will hope the team gets better eventually. Timetable to be announced.


Dean said...

OK...Tyler...I'll calm down about this team for one day. Only because you spelled "lose" properly...tired of the d-bags that spell the word 'lose' as loose. I'm tired of Russ, and his team, but will let it go for a day. Russ is making money regardless..problem is with Russ..I said I would honor Tylers request and I will. Becoming silent.

Dean said...

This is hard to commit to even though it's one day.... struggling...

Anonymous said...

3 wins, 23 loses in the last 26! Russ said at the trade deadline " our team is better than our record" lmao.

Jon said...

Everett announced that they will offer a $100 credit to season ticket holders if they don't finish 6th or better next year.

Maybe the Birds ownership needs to make that sort of commitment.

Shannon Hunnex said...

$100 credit is an absolute insult to the sport and industry. it means that you do not believe your division is competitive and in turn you think it is a joke to finish in nearly last place. everett's choice is arrogant and a desperate attempt at customer appreciation, and shouldn't be allowed by the league. the team does not owe us anything if they have a rough season. we are not their sponsors, we do not lose money because they don't finish where we want them to. we are paying for the entertainment, experience, and joy of being a fan, just like any other sports team in the world.

Anonymous said...

You missed the point, Shannon. The fact that Everett even did a town hall meeting shows they care or are at least pretending to care about their season ticket holders.

You're right, they don't owe us anything after a rough season. However, it is far from just one season. And honestly, this isn't the ECHL, AHL, or NHL. This is somewhere between high school and A level minor leagues and this team is ABSOLUTELY DEPENDENT upon their season ticket holders more than other leagues to stay afloat. The economics are totally different and are not comparable.

The city of Kent put a ton on the line for the Thunderbirds, and I know for a FACT they feel deceived and are super frustrated with Farwell. The city can not absorb an ongoing loss on the ShoWare and the Tbirds are certainly not honoring their commitments made to the city.

Furthermore, if attendance continues to fall at games, which it absolutely is, the city will be in deeper financial mess. The team isn't even honest with their season ticket holders on ticket sales. What am I referring to? Case in point, the Teddy Bear Toss game; the only near sellout on the season really. As game time approached and tickets sold, the team gradually released more and more available tickets. I tracked this. It is crystal clear they have been telling lies on the number of season ticket holders, as many of the blocked out seats are actually simply being held back by the team to appear to be more sold than they actually are. All sports do this, but I have never seen it done on this scale. It's clear to me they have bled a lot of season ticket holders and ticket sales are worse than they appear.

The city of Kent deserves better, the season ticket holders deserve better, and in an Utopian way hockey deserves better. Tired of the excuses; just tired of them.

Anonymous said...

"$100 credit is an absolute insult to the sport and industry. it means that you do not believe your division is competitive and in turn you think it is a joke to finish in nearly last place."

It was a brilliant sales move aimed at keeping very important season ticketholders! Plus, they know the Thunderbirds will likely stink again next year, all but assuring they make this commitment and avoid having to pay this $100 out.

The only insult is the possible insult to bottom dwelling teams like the Thunderbirds and apologists for Farwell. I would love for the Thunderbirds to give us such an offer!!

Thunnex said...

Btw. Definitely not saying you/we need to be silent. I'm just pointing out that it doesn't really help anything for us to snipe at each other.

Mr Tell13 said...

as this d-bag sees it, last game was interesting. Apart from the obvious loss of one point. Te team started strong and suprised Calgary and stayed with them thru the game.

One other thing that was of note is the reaction of the tbirds when Calgary started to forecheck with 2 skaters (I think they have not seen that much this year). But over the game they adjusted fairly well after a certain period where they clearly were not expecting the type of pressure.

The PP was ok and I kind of liked that they were managing a few time to keep the puck in after some breakdowns in play.

But the play on d need to be thightened. a couple of times when Theodore had some mental laps that led to goals that really need to stop. The kid needs to stay lose.

Thunnex said...

So let's say the game has Russ passed by...

Let's just go with that for a second.

If the game has passed Russ by and Seattle probably never wins another division title.... what now?

Honestly.... what now?

I mean... I'm not encouraging anyone to stop attending games (I know I won't because I enjoy hockey too much) but the only recourse any fan has is to vote with their wallet.

You can come on the blog and complain about Russ all you want (and I encourage any and all opinions) but complaining about it here isn't going to accomplish anything and Russ isn't likely going anywhere anytime soon.

Anonymous said...

Hi Tyler, I think everyone on this blog enjoys hockey too much to not go.

I think what people who want Russ out, believe that if this was any other organization and the GM was doing this poorly, he would be gone. I know most if not all believe Russ will be here forever.

When 80% of the teams make the playoffs, yet this team is on the verge of not making it for 4 straight years, that is a terrible performance.

Sports are judged on wins or losses. 19, 29 and 25 wins the last 3 years and right now they are on pace for 24 or 25 wins.

Everyone wants to see a successful Tbirds team, divison titles, conference championships and heaven forbid a memorial cup appearance.

Look at Jacksonville Jaguars, Toronto Raptors, Atlanta Hawks, KC Chiefs, Seattle Mariners, Pittsburgh Pirates, Seattle Thunderbirds. These teams have an apathetic fan base.

More importantly, as a business, the Tbirds being new in Kent have not attached to the communities surrounding the arena.

Tyler, I appreciate all of you comments, but even you get apathetic at times, and sure complaining isn't going to change a thing.

Do you honestly think this team improved over the last 4 years...are they any closer to winning the division today then they were 4 years ago?

I don't think they are. They raised ticket prices this year, people will still pay to see hockey, but they are not endearing themselves to the fan base.

As any owner or CEO, you have to be held accountable, no matter is that changes behavior or not, this blog allows for venting.

It would be one thing if there was just one area of weakness, but there seems to be an organization failure at all levels, in game atmosphere, scounting, signing players, coaching, players, partnership with the city of Kent, game product.

Last year, on home ice, with 2 games left, win and you are in the playoffs......could not get in.

None of this will change the ownership/GM but honestly, is this team improving?

Thunnex said...

Once again, what I would say is... now what? I'd probably generally agree with most of what you have said... but what can I/we do?

Sure, I'm completely frustrated to the point of borderline depressed about how things have become.

I guess I hold out a sliver of hope that things haven't always been like this. 5 years ago, this team won 42 games. That most certainly isn't a WHL title but at least it would be better than what we've watched the past 4 seasons.

Anonymous said...

I think the point here is as much as we all complain and want change. There is nothing anyone can do aside from either showing up or not. Portland was having nights where 1,000-2,000 people show up for games only 4 years ago, i'm proud that our fan base hasn't sunk that low yet. I don't know why people are expecting sell outs with the on ice product we have. What I certainly don't get is why after every loss people rush to bash every single thing they can. We already know the team is not good what is Farwell going to do from Friday's game to Saturday's that's going to change anything? He's not stepping down get over it already. We are going to lose a lot more games this year so I hope this doesn't become the game to game trend again. Personally I just want to see some of the returning players show some sort of improvement especially on defense age is no longer going to be an excuse these guys really need to get better than what they have shown.

Anonymous said...

The only voice the fan has today is to voice opinions on blog posts like this or you don't go to the games anymore or you cut back on them. I myself have cut way back on games this year, I have only gone to 4 games this year. I was a prior voucher ticket plan member.There is nothing wrong with that, I don't suggest that by no means but for myself it is a way to voice my displeasure with this organization.

Unknown said...

I've missed a couple of home games this year due to illness or a prior commitment, but I think the team is much improved over where they were last year. They are a lot more competitive on the ice and the returning players seem to have improved over the off season. There were a couple of productive trades in the offseason to bring in a couple of nice players. The most important thing for the team this year is to make the playoffs, which they should do with their remaining schedule, so the returning players get that experience. You aren't going to go from the bottom to the top in a year unless you take really drastic measures and mortgage the future.

I look forward to watching them play this year out and I'll be interested to see what happens this summer. Will they trade a couple of their going on 18 defensemen for 18 forwards? Will they acquire a goalie? Will they use a first round pick in a trade to boost the quality of the player coming back?

I think they can take another step up next year, perhaps to the middle of the standings for the playoffs, 4-5 in the west. They will have their top 6 points guys coming back and I think Theodore and perhaps another defenseman or two will benefit from a NHL camp. If the defense can take a big step forward I think we can see a more consistent winning team on the ice next year.

Anonymous said...

"If the game has passed Russ by and Seattle probably never wins another division title.... what now?

Honestly.... what now?"

The answer to this has slowly been coming together over the last couple of seasons.

I know a couple season ticket holders that have instead become Everett season ticket holders. I know of several other regulars (but not season ticket holders) who simply don't go to but a very few games now instead of the usual 15 to 20 or so per year.

The decline is apparent by just going to a game this year. It baffles me in a time of decline why they would raise ticket prices last year by $2 each. Kent is a blue collar town, and the locals I know aren't willing to pay the premium prices. If the team still played at Key Arena, I could understand the ticket increase much more, but not in Kent.

In regards to Farwell, he'll likely never go. He's like one's stubborn old grandpa who refuses to learn how to use a computer. He'll be unemployed when the NHL comes to town in all likelihood.

Jon said...

saw Austin Douglas is on his way to Seattle. Not sure if he'll be playing or just for practice but might be a good shake up. hopefully he is better than he was at camp.

Anonymous said...

Barzal was in for a day of practice earlier this month as well. One thing that i think would probably be huge for recruiting is if Seattle gets an NHL team.

Dean said...

@Marc...I understand. I see improvements here and there. However, three years ago when I bought my ticket package I was told that was the T-birds year. Half way through the year I spotted T-bird representative and asked him what happened...he didn't have much to say except that it looked like they were rebuilding that year as well. We keep going through rebuilding years, year after year.

With that said, my family would never become a fan of Everett, my sister-in-law's home or Portland, an easy drive on I-5 for us. Despite my complaining I am a Thunderbird fan. Heck, my five year old imitates the the T-birds coming onto the ice on our kitchen floor. He starts the count down at five and enter's his "ice arena" with youth size hockey sticks from the dinning room. If I took them to any other teams games they would ask why they weren't at T-birds games.

Russ has the family's like crack. T-bird hockey is great despite the drop. Eventually, I would like the high to stay the next day or week.

Anonymous said...

Tyler I am with you on the what now?
People can wish and want Russ away all they want, but wanting him gone, making a case for it, none of that will get any of these folks to that end. Is it frustrating? Hell yes, but unless you have the $$ to go buy your own team there really isn't a whole lot anyone can do about it. I hope the venting makes them feel better.

Shannon - I think you are right on. "we make a guarantee and we promise if we don't make it we will refund you a whopping 20%" It is an insult. It is a gimmick plain and simple, be interesting to see how many renewals they get by March 4 (more interesting to see if there is some way to gauge a difference in who would have renewed anyway and those that renewed simply for a shot at $100)My guess is not many. These next few games are BIG hope we can get a home crowd behind the team.

Anonymous said...

As a long...long time T-Bird fan I just want to hear what they are doing to bring a championship team to the Showare. I don't want my money back, I just want GOOD hockey. And the friggen "SUCKS" chant to stop, in case the fans haven't's backfiring! I long for the days of "Lets GO BIRDS" after a goal.

Anonymous said...

@9:32: I genuinely wish that I could get on board with that, there's nothing that I personally would like more than to hear 'the plan' from ownership. But here's the problem.. 'The Plan' is lined with good intentions and it always sounds good on paper. It's a bunch of people who know how to 'talk the talk' doing what they do best. They can sell it any way that they want to.. Oh, we'll draft this guy, will make this trade, so-and-so will be back in better shape and healthier than ever next season, and so on. But the fact is that we have heard it all, and I beg anyone reading this not to buy it. Let the words, the advertising, and the promises be taken with a grain of salt from hear on out. The only thing that should be allowed to speak is the win/loss column and improvements to how fans are treated financially within the walls of the ShoWare Center. Screw the words, I don't want them. I want action.

Anonymous said...

Shannon and @11:55pm both of you find that Everett's guarantee and refund insulting, so that is your standard of insulting. I don't understand that, seems like a great idea, but ok.

Knowing your standard of insulting what do you call a team who misses the playoffs 3 straight years and the raises ticket prices 9.1 percent, or 2 bucks?

Unknown said...

Dean, I wouldn't be very happy if I was told that it was the T-birds year only to be told that same year that they were rebuilding. That is a horrible job of not sending a unified message.

When I've talked to T-bird representatives at games they were pretty honest with the situation of the team with me.

Anonymous said...

Well, if nothing else we know that the current state of this year's Birds team is not rebuilding as much as it is unloading. At the end of this year, there are things that we know are going to happen. First, we bid farewell to Luke Lockhart, possibly the worst captain in team history. 1 goal, 5 assists since the break. No matter who says 'the captain isn't always the top scorer', there's no excuse for this kind of awful production from your voice of leadership. Glover, Kambeitz, and likely Sanvido and (finally) Elliot get the adios. That's a whole lot of weight off the shoulders of the team, hopefully in preparation to usher in Kolesar and Barzal. New captain in, old baggage out. True definition of a rebuilder next season, just wish we would have traded Pickard and properly completed the cycle.

Anonymous said...

Don't worry they are on a 15 year rebuilding plan, Russ should be retired by year 14.

Unknown said...

I agree that I've been disappointed with the 20's this year. Lockhart has regressed the last two years from his 18 season. I understand last year, there wasn't much on the team, but this year there are other guys scoring so I would have thought he would have a better year. I liked Rouse and I thought he did some good things for them, he wasn't spectacular, but he made some really nice passes to open guys. Kambeitz must be doing a hell of a job in the room to make aquiring hims worth it because he isn't standing out on the ice. Glover, I would expect a 20 year old goalie to be able to steal some games for you, but he seems like he is good for one soft goal a game. I think Mumaugh should be getting equal time coming down the stretch. It might be better for his development to start every other game instead of coming in releif every other game.

I think the 20s next year are Swenson, Sanvido, and Forsberg unless they bring in some new 20's. If those are the 20s for next year I think they will get solid production out of them. I'll agree Elliot is not back next year, maybe they can repeat the Doty for Sheen trade with him, find a team that needs some toughness to protect some younger skill guys, but I don't think that is likely.

I don't think it will be a rebuilding year, they should be returning their top 6 point guys. It should be a good environment for the rookies next year to get acclimated to the WHL without feeling like they have to carry the team. I think they will finish above Everett and challenge Tri-city, who seems to be declining, for the middle of the US division.

But first things first, this is a huge weekend for the T-birds and the next 5 games can go along way toward solidifying the playoff spot, especially with PG on their eastern swing.

Anonymous said...

Okay, I am turning the page and focusing on the next 5 games, there it is, 5 games, 10 points, let's go get 10 boys! I still want this team to make the playoffs and hope that they will come through this stretch with 8 to 10 points.

Anonymous said...

The problem with this team is that they make EVERYONE else look so much better. Just look at everyone else's win/lost records. Our nearest competitor is Everett and then Tri-Cities who are 21 points above us. There is no excuse for that large of disparity.

Anonymous said...

Heard a nasty rumour!! Barzal may just pull a Seth Jones. Not impressed with Russ!!

Anonymous said...

We've all heard some kind of rumor regarding Barzal. Why don't we wait for him to make his decision then talk about the facts instead of speculating about whatever the latest rumor is.

Anonymous said...

I heard Barzal has decided that curling is his game and he's hanging up the skates. Russ should have known!!!

Anonymous said...

Blunderturds have now reached a low for the season losing to Vancouver.

Unknown said...

It's really disappointing to not be able to get the second point vs Vancouver. I thought Mumbaugh played pretty well overall, kind of looked like he got over aggressive on the second Vancouver goal and got burned.

A big thanks to Spokane and Medicine Hat for helping us out.

Anonymous said...

Do we have have any scorers on this team? Where is Swenson, Lipsbergs, Delnov, Honey? These guys have been silent for awhile now.I would like to see more of Wray, sit Elliot down, the guy just takes up ice time of others.

Anonymous said...

Since the trade deadline with the aquiring of Kambeitz and the releasing of Rouse here are the numbers....

Rouse GP 15, G 4, A 7

Kambeitz GP 16, G 2, A 4....

Hmmmm I know which of those look better to me...any wonder why with those kind of decisions the team has the record that the do???

One would think Russ would have the final say in that kind of move.
Oh yea I forgot, that is the same Russ that says "we have a better team than our record indicates"

Anonymous said...

I gave up my season tickets 2 years ago (after having them for 10 years), and don't regret it in the least bit. As long as Russ has any part of this once-proud franchise, they won't get another dime from me... sounds like things haven't gotten better since I left either..

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