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Hockey Challenge 2014

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Jackson and Scott get contracts

Wow... good thing I hadn't gotten too far in my season preview since I would have looked stupid putting Greg Scott on line 1.

Scott yesterday signs a 3 year deal with the Toronto Maple Leafs, story can be found here. Big congratulations to Scott on the contract. To those on that outside this might have been a bit of a surprise but for those who have watched up close the improvement of this kid and how hard he works on the ice, you aren't real surprised. Unfortunately, for the Tbirds this is a huge hit to their roster. I do not expect Toronto to leave Scott with the Tbirds for his 20 year old season and this will leave Seattle with no 20 year old players on the roster.

Scott Jackson also signed a 3 year contract yesterday with the Tampa Bay Lightning. Jackson, who used up his WHL eligibility, was set to attend the University of Alberta but will now will likely head to their their AHL affiliate. Story can be found here.

Congrats to both players, who will be missed.


Marc74 said...

According to the story on the T-bird site Scott can return to the T-birds if he doesn't make their roster

Thunnex said...

It is true that Scott is eligible to return for his 20 year old season with the Thunderbirds... but with the ability to also play in the AHL as a 20 year old I would be very surprised if Toronto elected to return him to Seattle instead of sending him to their AHL club.

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