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Hockey Challenge 2014

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Shootout Champions of the World


Wow that feels good.


Kodi said...

Which part, the win or the fact you don't have to run yourself out of town lol

Anonymous said...

Gotta love the effort and determination these guys have! This team is a lot of fun to watch!


Mr Tell13 said...

It is still early in the season but it is awsome to see the t-birds gettings theses wins. I
am a feeling that all theses ealy season pts are going to be very welcome for a spot in the playoffs.

I am I the only one to think that they do need to work on their regulation time play? I love the fact that they are wininng in SO but they won't be able to keep it up like that all season.

Also I wonder what are people's take on what changed between this group and last year's team, what is the perceived difference..

Anonymous said...

It was even better BEING there! That crowd thought they had it in the bag...and it was complete SILENCE after we won. Well, silent except for the small rebel force in section C that was cheering like crazy! :)

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