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Hockey Challenge 2014

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Jacob Doty has stitches over his nose and a shiner over one eye and he just fought a 6'4", 228 lb Austin Connor.

I love this kid.

He's either crazy or awesome or both. I vote both.


stbird said...

This kid is great. And fun to watch. Its also great when you see him ask another to fight, and they dont want to fight him.

Thunnex said...

Yeah it's awesome. He's being forced to ask bigger and bigger guys because the guys his size just won't take the fight.

Anonymous said...

He seems to be getting more involved in the offense too which is good to see. I liked the replay of tonights fight. Jake was doing a great job of ducking the punches.
Slight subject change:
When is the last time someone got a hat trick and they didn't get a star? I thought that was a no class move by Sasketoon not to give Lockhart at least third star. I don't place much emphasis on stars of the game, but come on!

Anonymous said...

Lockhart with the hattie =D

Anonymous said...

Seems to me the top point getters are all on the pp. Look at the top five and the majority of their points are on the pp. Everybody needs to start contributing at even strength, including the pp guys. This team is doing awesome, just doesn't have much offense if it isn't on the pp. Very defensive team, which is great if Calvin is doing his job, which he certainly is!!!

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