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Hockey Challenge 2014

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Staying Alive... barely...

Despite getting embarrassed Friday night at the hand of the Portland Winterhawks playing in front of a television audience... Seattle is still barely alive in this thing and they took care of the one game that really mattered this weekend.

Everett and Chilliwack still look pretty solid to make the playoffs in the 6 and 7 spots but suddenly Seattle is only 3 points back of Kamloops and Prince George and they actually have 1 game in hand on Kamloops.

The season will come down to the last 6 games and the next two are without question the most important. The Tbirds will host Chilliwack on Friday night and Prince George on Saturday night. 4 points is really the only option. You might be able to survive with an Overtime or Shootout win but cannot survive losing to either team.

I wasn't able to get to the game on Saturday night as I was stuck in Lacey all day at a softball tournament. I did get back in the car in time to listen to most of the 2nd and got home in time for the 3rd... so I can't make many comments on the actual play of the team.

I did see the replay of the Dillon fight with Ferraro... WOW. Give Ferraro credit for fighting Dillon when this is exactly the issue that I have with the Winterhawks. If you're going to run your mouth you should be ready and willing to drop the gloves. Having the guts to drop the mitts didn't keep him from getting pounded by Dillon but at least he had the guts to try to back up his words.


Anonymous said...

While Everett is in a good position now, their remaining schedule could be their undoing. In fact, they may not win another game (Spo, Por, Por, Tri, Por, Chil and Van)and if Simpson is out for any length of time...better hope Kamloops doesn't get on a roll again. Fortunately no one else below them has an easy schedule either but it's possible that Evt could be in 8th place by next Monday.

Anonymous said...

I for one hope the birds do not make the play offs. If they do, it will be a sure one and done. Why not get a higher bantam pick rather than play one round in the play offs?

On second thought, it really does not matter where the birds pick in the draft. They are SURE to botch that pick.

Anonymous said...

Not sure a few spots higher in the draft is worth missing the playoffs for. They're still gonna end up with a top 10 pick. Right now they are sitting on the 6th pick. By making the postseason they could still end up with the 7th choice. Last six games will determine draft the draft lottery. The order will change depending on the final record of the last four teams out east, the T-birds could end up drafting as high as 3rd if they falter badly over the last 6 games or as low as 10th if they do well.

Anonymous said...

I hope the Birds make the playoffs and make a great run here the rest of the way, playoff experience can only help for the non 20 year olds, also any extra dates for the Showare will be beneficial as well.

Anonymous said...

I really don't think it matters what pick they end up with, look at the track history of their previous drafts. They'll pick someone in the top 10 who would be a 2nd or 3rd rounder for any other team.

They really need to address the fact that whether it's Colin Campbell's fault - or the lack of having decent scouts, this team is way behind other teams in available talent.

Anonymous said...

Colin Campbell has nothing to do with the draft, so I'm not sure how it could be his fault.

Anonymous said...

Colin Alexander I believe

Anonymous said...

Hey Tyler,

I read on the T-Bird forum that fans wanted Nachbaur out of here much like the way some (maybe some of the same long time STHs) are attempting to do now with Sumner. I wasn't in WA back then, so I am wondering if that is true?

Thunnex said...

Generally and broadly speaking that is true.

Nachbaur had some success in Seattle but never got Seattle over the top (nobody ever has) and I think most long suffering Tbirds fans have been stuck in this mediocrity for so long... they have very little patience for anything but the ultimate success.

I don't really blame fans for being like that but I do think that it clouds their ability to be objective about evaluating situations involving players and coaches.

Rob Sumner is hated by some fans (not personally, but professionally) and if he had one good season where Seattle won the WHL Championship they would conveniently forget everything they thought about him previously.

I'm not saying that WILL happen... I'm just trying to illustrate that Seattle fans are notoriously impatient because of our overall lack of success.

Anonymous said...

I've been watching this team since the early 90's. That is about 20 years, since I've had it w/ Farwell if that makes me impatient so be it. How in the frick can this franchise go anywhere if they can't consistently succeed in the draft? They fricken CAN'T! Expect more of the same until the franchise folds moves or Farwell moves on. Coaching is a pimple on the elephants butt.

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