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Hockey Challenge 2014

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Rookie Camp Rosters

Here are the rosters this morning for the opening Rookie Camp skate.

Taylor Green is out with an injury and likely won't skate until main camp.

Team Grey:

Forwards -

Matthew Rypien (16)
John Edwardh (16)
Michael Holub (15)
Monty Chisholm (15)
Nic Rasovic (15)
Michael Cardinal (15)
Braeden Cross (15)
Brad Lalievre (16)
Igor Stakic (15)
Jordan Ross (15)
Daniel Wray (16)

Defense -

Mark Nelson (15)
Shea Theodore (16)
Matthew Doyle (15)
Jerret Smith (16)
Kale Little (15)
Austin Douglas (15)
Brenden Ross (15)

Goalies -

Brad Rebagliati (16)
Nolan Kruizenga (15)

Team Blue:

Forwards -

Ryan Gropp (15)
Andrew Taverner (16)
Josh Murphy (15)
Carter Folk (15)
Dylan Gambrell (15)
Keanu Jarvis (15)
John Ryskamp (16)
Josh Padilla-Proudfoot (15)
Dylan Houston (15)
Colton Kerfoot (15)
Michael Buchamer (15)

Defense -

Jared Hauf (16)
Daniel Burgess (15)
Reid Fritzke (15)
Zach Douglas (16)
Kevin Wolf (15)
Jake Fricks (15)

Goalies -

Justin Myles (16)
Danny Mumaugh (15)


Anonymous said...

James Neil also out with injury and not skating.

Anonymous said...

Went to the morning scrimmage. Didn't expect too much, it being the first scrimmage of camp. Some decent hockey though. Big fan of Theodore and he was solid. Other players that caught my eye were Gropp, Hauf, Wolf, Gambrell, Fritzke, Edwardh and Buchamer (who at 15 looks to be built like a linebacker...stocky kid, not sure he has the foot speed though).

Anonymous said...

Yeah most of the same people caught my eye as well. I really liked the way Hauf played, he leveled that one kid that cut across the middle of the ice with his head down!

Edwardh's had a couple of nifty moves that gained the attention of Konowalchuk.

Gropp had a great goal towards the end of the game, he looked solid as well.

I also thought Kruizenga looked pretty confident in net. He also had the save of the game that looked to me a little "Pickard-esk".

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