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Hockey Challenge 2014

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Rookie/Training Camp Opens

Training Camp slash Rookie Camp has opened this morning with a Blue/Grey game featuring '96 and '97 players.  I'm not able to attend this morning but I will be in attendance for the afternoon session and will tweet out some updates.

Here is a link to the roster and lines for this morning.


Anonymous said...

It was obvious who was the best player on the ice.

Did not have a player list and had no idea who the players were.

No. 16

Thunnex said...

Well that would be Barzal and that also doesn't come as a huge shock to me.

Anonymous said...

Hey anon,
How was the Folk vs. Douglas tilt?

Anonymous said...

Folk was looking for trouble......and he found it! Hehehe

Anonymous said...

In my opinion these were the best players on the ice.
Van Schaack

Jon said...

The fight was two guys dropping the mits that had no idea how to fight. I'm not sure there was even a full punch thrown. The only decent part of the fight was Folk taking his helmet off and throwing it in the air so things were even.

Anonymous said...

Ha ha! Thanks for the info Jon.

Anonymous said...

Thats why its called Rookie camp. Give them credit for having the balls to do it. Folk bit off a bit more than he could chew and Douglas let him off the hook. The cages make it awkward no doubt.

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