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Hockey Challenge 2014

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A couple of update items for everyone today.

First, I have to acknowledge the fact that there has been a severe lack of content lately. I apologize for that. With the lack of a writing "team" there are times where I get pretty busy at the office and outside of the office and it generally takes away from my time to write for the blog. I realize that isn't a good excuse but it does help explain my lack of updates.

Second, It also just so happens that I had to be pulled out of town this weekend I'm going to miss opening weekend for the second year in a row. I suck, believe me, I agree.

Third, some actual updates. Yesterday it became clear on Twitter that Seattle had decided to release defensemen Brad Deagle and go with Luke Lockhart and Brendan Rouse up front. I think this is a mistake on the part of the team but probably not something that means a lot. Seattle currently has 7 defensemen on the roster (a number that is too small in my book) and a vast majority of those defensemen are untested and unproved at the WHL level. I think it's a gamble and a risk and it isn't a gamble I would have been willing to take. Brad Deagle was arguably your most consistent and solid defender last year and I don't think a marginal training camp and preseason should have changed that. Oh well. I don't get paid to make these decisions.

I would just hate to see a defensemen or two get hurt (you know, because these things tend to happen all the time) and have them suddenly be down a body. Dear Jesse Forsberg, please don't get hurt.. k thanks.

Happy opening weekend to everyone and I promise to get things more fired up when I get back the following week.


Anonymous said...

I'm ok with this move if it is followed up by a defensive upgrade via trade. If not, then I am concerned for the season. This wasn't a strong defense to begin with, and it got much weaker with Deagle's departure. I wonder if they would have gotten rid of Rouse of Lockhart instead had Bell or Low panned out. Andy Eide is speaking with Farwell today, so we should know more soon.

Kodi said...

My question is why wouldn't you atleast hold on to him until the 20 year-old trade deadline where you MIGHT be able to get something for him or atleast give yourself some protection.

Anonymous said...

Boys on D are going to have to grow up in a hurry. I'm going to be disappointed if there isn't a trade soon to shore up before the 20yr old deadline, otherwise, I think Kodi's right, what's the point?

Anonymous said...

Is it possible Deagle asked for this?

I went to the game last friday, I really loved the way they played, seemed a lot fasted and better in tight spaces.


Mr Tell13 said...

Now this is going to be interesting. I like this move. I don't like the fact that the team had to let him go this way but I am sure that the team tried to get something for him. I do not agree with yourr staement that the majority of the d is unproven and untested at this level. Of the 7 d-men, Forsberg, Theodore, Wardley and Hauf have decent experience in the league. I'll put it in another way. When Deagle came here last season, he had less WHL games played than 3 of the previously mentionned guys on the squad today. Nobody was saying that he lacked eperience at this level. He grew in the role and performed. I could see that as a motivation for this younger group.
I think that the added depth at forward is worth the risk on the D. If anyone gets hurt, Elliot can be a back-up. One think that might of weighted in favor of Lockhart and Rouse was tht the are very efficient on special teams. And seems like theyy want to use Rouse on the point on the second wave pp.

It will not be easy. And I sure that this group will have their off games. But from what I saw so far (and we can add the obligatory "its only pre-season")this group will be fun to watch. There seems to be a definite improvement in the skill level, there are a few "sparkplugs" type players and a guys that need to prove a thing or two. Looks like a recipe for a nice little team.

Anonymous said...

Kodi, why would he want to sit in the stands as a 20 year old? You want to play the players you plan on keeping. I'm sure Deagle wants a shot at finding a team to go to. This gives him that opportunity. Not only that, it's better for the 3 20's you are keeping. They can now rest assured that they have a spot on the team. From what I heard it was already starting to wear on the 20's. I like the make-up of this team. If this defense can handle the load it bodes well for the team down the road. IMO this is what rebuilding is all about. We have a solid foundation for the first time in YEARS!

Anonymous said...

russ tried to move him, but there were no takers. its hard to move 20 year olds in this league especially when 90 percent of the league is trying to unload one or two as well. i am not a big fan of the move, either there is another move coming, i know ryan dech from edmonton was just released, he would be an intresting pick up. im just not convinced that we are going to stick with the 7 dmen we have now.

Anonymous said...

I'm not sure I agree with letting go of Deagle, however, I'm willing to see how it goes before I make a judgment. I kind of doubt a trade is coming, not sure why I think that, just a gut feeling.

Mr Tell13 said...

btw Theodore (no suprise), Hauf and Smith made the central scouting prelim list

Anonymous said...

Tyler, are we going to get your predictions for the season?

Anonymous said...

Shots on goal after 1st period 30-2

Anonymous said...

But still tied at 0!

Anonymous said...

2-0 Birds! Bending but not breaking.

Anonymous said...




Crazy game.

Anonymous said...

Forsberg needs to take a run at Peters before this one is done.

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