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Hockey Challenge 2014

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Showare Ice Surface

Here is a weird update for you guys.

I just got done playing a game at ShoWare and I'd like to report that the ice surface is in really good shape. In previous years when I have played games at both Key Arena and ShoWare the ice surface was very soft. Soft ice means that skaters have to work harder because their skate steel sinks into the ice a little more than normal.  Softer ice also tends to lend itself to slightly slower game speed for the same reason.

The ice I skated on today was much closer to a "normal" surface and felt great. Whatever they did or whatever they are doing to make the ice surface more normal is definitely working. I'll be interested to see if the game speed appears just a tad bit faster tonight.

Random update... but I figure a few people might be interested in knowing this.


Todd said...

Faster team, faster ice. I don't think it is a coincidence. Great game tonight. Glover rocks in goal. The team played hard and as a team. I think this is the team Konowalchuk wanted. They didn't respond last year but this team seems to be playing with much more heart than previous years. I know it is early but I'm hopeful. Man it was nice to watch a home game and see a win.

Anonymous said...

Luke worked his backside off all game. Great to see him get rewarded with a goal at the end. All the folks talking about him getting traded in the pre season should have known better.

Anonymous said...

Luke frustrates me but I agree, he works hard and his -7 going into the game last night is not indicative of everything about him rught now. I hope him and Rouse chip in this year if this team is going to make a run at getting into the playoffs.

Anonymous said...

I don't get into the "must win games" issue much especially this early in the season but this is a critical game tonight versus Spokane. I have never seen the birds beat them at the Sho, to say Spokane has dominated us there is a understatement, hopefully we come out fired up! 15-3 in the sho versus spokane.

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