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Hockey Challenge 2014

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Hockey Challenge 2013

Just a quick note today.

I have updated the banner at the top of the blog to reflect the NEW Hockey Challenge info for the 2013 game.  I will once again be asking the generous readers of this blog to donate to the Ronald McDonald House in the name of my team for the Challenge. My IEB team is still undefeated at the Challenge and we will once again be looking to continue our winning and fundraising ways.

Updated stats from Massey Ratings have reflected the Tbirds recent games and they have slipped to 10th in the WHL. That is to be expected after a sub-par road swing. 8th in offense, 15th in defense. They have played the 2nd toughest schedule.

I have to say that if you were lucky enough to watch some of the games, as I did, you would have likely come to the conclusion that they deserved a much better record on the road trip. Most fans are going to look to the record and find a reason to resume bitching and whining and complaining but in my opinion the play did not reflect on the wins and losses.  I truly believe we are seeing a much improved team and I think the wins will start to come a bit easier as they come together and learn to win a bit more.  Keep in mind that this team has turned over and changed a lot in the past season and I think this is the type of team that will get stronger as the season progresses.

Updated Massey Ratings can be found here.


Anonymous said...

I agree about the road swing. They easily could have gone 4-2 with a bit of puck luck. I expect the offensive performance to steadily improve as the team gets comfortable with each others playing styles. The ability to roll 3 or 4 lines is a big strength especially later in the season when injuries take a toll. The other comment I have is that win or lose, this team is good entertainment value because of their fast paced play. That won't make any difference to the usual suspects and their threats to drop their season tickets, but it sure makes attending games enjoyable to me.

Anonymous said...

Good luck, Tyler. We spent more than two weeks in the local Seattle Hospital McDonald's house. Worthy cause. Although, we lived in Olympia, we barely qualified for the room....we were thankful espcially since it was the period when I-5 was going through it's improvements and a trip was from here to the Hospital was over 3 hours; mind you for 62 miles. Keep up this is defiantly worth it.

Anonymous said...

Good luck T-Birds on December son's, a huge Thunderbird's fan of seven years, birthday. Bring home the win!

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