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Hockey Challenge 2014

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Back to Work Tonight

Seattle is back from the Christmas Break and back in action tonight at the Showare Center against the rival Silvertips. Everett isn't quite as terrible as terrible as I thought they would be (or hoped) and they've played pretty frisky against some tough opponents lately.  They lost at Portland 4-2 and followed that up by losing 3-2 to Portland at home. Before that they won at Tri-City in the shootout. I hate calling games "must win" games this early in the season but these are pretty critical games for Seattle.

The schedule is so tough that you have to take advantage of these match-ups against "lesser" teams.

Here is what the schedule looks like coming up:

Home Everett
Away Everett
Away Portland
Away Kamloops
Home Spokane
Home Spokane
Away Spokane (yup 3 straight)
Home Victoria
Away Tri-City
Away Everett
Home Portland
Home Lethbridge

Not a lot of games in there where I would consider the Tbirds to be favorites and that isn't a knock on Seattle, it speaks to the strength of the division and the conference. They simply have to get points out of these Everett games.

Seattle will be without Roberts Lipsbergs who is playing for Team Latvia over in Russia. I'm led to believe that Alexander Delnov should be back and there is a rumor that Branden Troock was going to play but I cannot confirm that and quite honestly I'm not expecting him to play.


Anonymous said...

i see 2010 1st overall pick and brother of jesse forsberg, alex, has asked for a trade out of PG. Seattle could definately use a skilled 17 year old. Seattle needs to make that deal in order to get the likes of Barzal, Gropp and Gambrell to consider signing. My prediction will be Alex Forsberg for Taylor Green and a 1st.

Anonymous said...

Last nights game was not a good start to the second half of the season, Lotz played a great game but we have to get more traffic in front of the net. Hopefully there is not a "here we go again" attitude.

Dean Schmitz said...

Geez, another disappointing year that started with so much promise. The T-Birds haven't been promising since December 1 win. Teams have droughts but this organization has had years of droughts. Time to change the leadership...the coach was changed and that didn't help so it must be the GM. Thank you Russ for saving hockey here in kids and I appreciate it. But it is time to save it again by appointing a real GM for this organization.

Dean said...

and yes...I'll appreciate Tyler's reply where I am wrong with calling for a GM change. Russ has money, became GM, and saved hockey here in Seattle area but that does not equal quality hockey. My entertainment dollars are not being spent in Kent as they used to be...the kids enjoyment in seeing the T-Birds lose ever single night at home is not fun. Three years...over 25 games, granted last year and this year has been sparse, and my children have seen their T-Birds team win twice? How fun is that?


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