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Game 6 Thread - Kelowna at Seattle - Do or Die

Very short update for today because I won't actually be able to be at the game tonight. I have a couple playoff games of my own... sucks... but that's the breaks.

A few things to look for tonight:

  • Connor Honey was suspended for three games for his hit in Game 4. I didn't like the call and I don't like the suspension but there is no sense in Seattle dwelling on it. I hope every player realizes that to a certain extent it really is them against everyone else in the league. If I were Russ Farwell, I would have whipped out my checkbook and had a few choice words for the league... and not in private... to the media.
  • Watch for the team that is the aggressor tonight. It has appeared to me that Seattle got under Kelowna's skin in Games 1-3 and Kelowna was able to turn the tables on them in Games 4 and 5. The team that can push the edge without getting penalties is probably the team that wins tonight. Seattle has got to be aggressive and risk everything without sitting in the box 6 or 7 times tonight.
  • Crowd is expected to be close to 5000 again tonight. For a weeknight playoff game... that's an amazing number. Seattle will want to do some hitting (and goal scoring) early in the game to get the crowd going. If they can do that... they may not look back.
  • I wish I could say differently... but I think if Seattle loses this game they are dead in the water. I wouldn't want to going back to Kelowna having just blown a 3 game lead facing a 108 point club in their home building for a Game 7. It's win tonight or face extremely long odds tomorrow night.
Let's Go Birds!!


Anonymous said...

Hope the officials let the players determine the winner of the game.

Unknown said...

That was a very exciting game. Gotta figure out a way to win tomorrow night though. I'm hoping the physical play really pushed Kelowna to have a short bench.

I'm guessing the T-birds will be without the services of Hickman for tomorrow. I didn't see the hit, but the people around me thought it was BS to give him a major.

I thought Kolesar played fairly well. He seemed a little timid at times, but he got lots of time on the ice.

Dean said...

Outstanding game. I thought the T-Birds were outplaying the Rockets until that final shot. Glover stood on his head tonight. They have a chance tomorrow night if they play like they did tonight.

Anonymous said...

I don't see how anyone can say we outplayed Kelowna when we gave up 59 shots on goal. Glover single-handedly kept us in the game. We have to tighten up defensively tomorrow if we want any chance.

Jon said...

Hope Coach K and the team goes further pursuing that Bell hit on Hauf. Same hit, different penalty, hopefully same suspension but i doubt it.

Anonymous said...

Typical Seattle style blow a 3 game to 0 lead, seattle has 0 chance of winning tonite in Kelowna, No Barzal, No Gropp, This team does not have a lot of SIGNED PROSPECTS worth looking forward too.

Unknown said...

I agree with Dean, I think the T-birds clearly had the jump in OT. They had good opportunities to score, but just couldn't get it in the net.

Glover played a good game and kept the T-birds in it with some great saves to allow them to get to OT.

Anonymous said...

Jon, the hit was the same but without the injury. They probably won't do anything. That's the way they do things now. Penalize the injury. Morons...
I'd say we're doing good in the draft department. Kolesar looked good out there. Our SIGNED first round draft pick. Barzal and Gropp have shown me nothing. So why worry about them?
Glover had his best game of the year IMO...not just good, GREAT!
How you can gripe about losing a three game lead when we were picked to get swept is beyond me. If you watch the games you can totally see the talent difference. The Birds are playing so far above their heads it's just crazy. Not pretty hockey, but CRAZY! What heart these kids have shown! I couldn't be more proud of this group for not giving up. This experience is just going to make them stronger and more hungry for next season. So IMO it's a win win situation. Nothing to hang your head about in T-Bird land.

Anonymous said...

You got to see 3 home playoffs games! Look at all the "extra" money for the team.

the best 3 words in sports: Game 7 tonight!

Brian in Sherwood

Mr Tell13 said...

I agree with anon 10:06 about the team. Everyone was expecting a sweep against Kelowna and they manage to go to seven game and making it difficult for them. I also get that it would be disapointing to see them lose the serie after leading 3-0. Its, to me, a major step forward for the team. The core of Theodore, Hauf, Smith, honey, Lipsberg, Swenson and Sheen and Kolesar will greatly benefit from it. Now if guys like Barzal and Gropp can't see the benefits to their careers to get into that mix and try to get it to the next level, there is nothing either the team or the fans can do about it, its on them.

That said, as much as they were fun to watch so far in the play-off, u can't win if your power play is not working ....

Anonymous said...

Anybody else notice Justin Hickman giving Colten Martin a big hug during their celebration in the corner after the second goal was scored? Funny stuff!

Anonymous said...

I agree with Anon 10:06, too. I fully expected a sweep and this series has been EXCITING (aside from that 4-0 loss at home). Those kids are putting it all out there. Glover...holy shit. They're doing all the things I've wanted them to be doing all season. Playing physical, not making as many mistakes in the D zone, getting the greasy goals in front of the net and winning some key battles along the boards. Elliot is a completely different player in this series, and especially last night. Kolesar looked tentative, but he's going to do nothing but get better.

I, too, couldn't be more proud of this group. They've taken the #3 team in the Massey ratings to game 7.

Dean said...

I'm proud of this team. The season sucked but they came to play during the playoffs. Good on them! And btw...what the heck was up with Glover? He was outstanding each game! Damn shame he is leaving. Glover, if you are reading this and don't go to the AHL, go to the Komets! Great organization!

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