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Hockey Challenge 2014

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Bantam Draft 2014 Updates

I will update this throughout the day as the picks happen.

Seattle kicked off their 2014 Bantam Draft by selecting Defenseman Jarret Tyszka from Langley, BC.

I can't say I'm terribly surprised. Seattle has a well documented history of drafting players with "size" and Tyszka certainly fits that mold at 6'1" and 165 lbs.

Also not surprising that Portland selected a 5'9" 138 lb Center.

A few links on the newest Tbird Tyszka.

- Follow him on twitter - @JarretTyszka_11
- Recently won Defenseman of the tournament at the Kamloops International Bantam Tournament - Link
- Colin Alexander describes him "Jarret is a big, mobile defenseman with a very nice combination of size and mobility. He has a physical presence on the ice, with strong offensive skills who could develop into a good two-way defenseman."
- Tyszka posted 27 goals and 47 assists in 68 (or 28... not sure) games with the Langley Eagles Bantam A1 team this past season.
- Some video of Tyszka scoring an overtime winner.
- Western Elite Hockey had him ranked 21st overall on their list.

In the 2nd round, Seattle selected LW Matthew Wedman from Edmonton. Wedman is 6'0" and 165.

- Follow him on twitter - @m_weds
- 33 goals and 40 assists for the SSAC Lions AAA team in 33 games this past year.
- Russ Farwell on Wedman "Matthew is a big, physical forward with good offensive skills and was a prolific scorer in Alberta Major Bantam League."
- Mid-Season Second Team Alberta All-Star by Western Elite.

In the 5th round Seattle selects Wyatt Bear (@14_wyatt) and Ian Briscoe (@BriscoeIan)

- Bear is another player with size at 6'2" and 207 lbs. Briscoe is smaller at 5'8" and 141
- Elite Prospect profiles for Bear and Briscoe
- Colin Alexander on Wyatt Bear "Wyatt is a big power forward with top end skill and hockey sense."
- Mark Romas on Ian Briscoe "Ian is a very skilled, speedy forward who is always engaged in the play. He is a very competitive player."

In the 6th round Seattle goes back to the pipeline in Colorado and selects Baker Shore (da_bakeshow), 5'7" and 160 lbs and played for the Colorado Thunderbirds last season.

- Has 3 brothers who have been NHL drafted including Drew Shore who played 24 games for the Panthers this past season.
-  Nick Shore played for the Manchester Monarchs and Quentin Shore played in college for the Denver Pioneers.

In the 7th round Seattle selects MacKenzie Wight (@mackwight91), a RW from Burnaby who played for the Burnaby Winter Club (same team as Barzal and Fabbro). He is listed at 5'11" and 165 lbs.

8th round... where I start to care less and less... Seattle selects Reece Harsch (@HarschReece) a Defenseman from Grande Prairie, AB and is listed at 6'2" and 180 lbs.

9th round... John Ormsby (can't confirm) and Reginald Pohl (@regpohl16 and only 3 followers).

- Ormsby, a Forward is out of California and listed at 5'9.5" and 150 lbs. Edit: The WHL website lists him as being from California but he is actually from Monroe per Nick Patterson.
- Pohl is a RW is from Douglas, MB and listed at 6'1.5" and 186 lbs.

10th round and Seattle is still going... selecting Hunter Bancroft (@hbancroft30) from Greeley, CO and playing for... you guessed it... the Colorado Thunderbirds (shocker I know). Listed at 5'11" and 160 lbs.

Round 11 and Seattle has passed and ended their 2014 Bantam Draft. Whew.


Anonymous said...

2 questions.. Is Wyatt Bear any relation to Ethan?

Also, do either of you see any chance of a T-Birds player being drafted in the upcoming NHL entry draft?

I'll take your comments off the air..

Kodi said...

1. Wyatt is not related to Ethan

2. It's possible that Smith or Hauf get drafted late in the draft after being snubbed last year but besides them we are probably a couple of years away from higher round picks (. Also when drafting Euro's we usually end up with a drafted player or a player that will be drafted like Warg, Noebels, Delnov, etc

Thunnex said...

Yup... what Kodi said.

Unknown said...

So you're ecstatic with the drafting of Shore and Briscoe? I'm just kidding. Bottom line they have a philosophy and they actually watch these kids play (or at least I hope they do). I thought Elder and Vulcan looked good in the rookie camp and it sounded like they did OK as 15s on the eastern swing.

A few years ago the T-birds had a very small, not very skilled team. It is a bit frustrating to watch a team not be able to take the puck away because they cannot check and don't have the stick skills. I thought the team had a good mix of sizes last year.

You mentioned that Western Elite Hockey had Tyszka 21st on their list, it doesn't sound like an awful reach to get him at 16 and there will be some variation in draft boards.

It will be interesting to see how all these guys develop in the next year.

Thunnex said...

Sarcasm aside... I think Shore could be a fantastic pick if he comes here.

Here is my point though... Portland has won 4 straight Western Conference titles. Look at the players when they were drafted.

Nic Petan - 5'6" and 133 and Seattle took Jared Hauf at #4 instead who was 6'4" and 170.

Leipsic - Drafted in the 6th round. He only "grew" to the 5'10" 177 he is today.

Look at their other players...

Pouliot is "only" 6', Leier 5'11", Texeira 6'.

Drafting good size only eliminates one of the unknown variables about whether a kid grows or not but Portland is proving that you don't need players to grow to be good hockey players.

I just thought it was very telling that we took a kid who is already 6'1" and will probably grow to 6'3" (or more) and Portland took a kid who is 5'9" and probably grows to 5'11" or 6'. It's indicative of the style difference between the two teams and Portland is kicking our ass these days...

Anonymous said...

Ormsby is at @luke_ormsby

Western Elite had him at #16 US.

Mr Tell13 said...

I think you just have a case of bad flashback from the 2010 draft.

I did notice that between the 2010and 2013 drafts, no players drafted in the 1st round was taller than 6'2". 2014 had a couple of 6'4" guys in the 1st round. I guess we will see how Lethbridge does with their 6'4" defense picked 1st.

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