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To trade now or later

I am curious why everyone assumes that a trade is coming this week.  Yes, Wardley was returned back to Seattle.  Yes, Seattle now has 4 20's.  But unless Hickman is ready to come back, why make a move?  You have until October 15th, so why rush things.

I have no knowledge of how close Hickman is to returning to the lineup and the WHL weekly update has him listed him as day to day.  Maybe when it gets updated today, it will say he is back.  But I will remind people that last year, it listed Honey as day to day for periods of time also.

So what if he is NOT back this week? Why force a trade if you don't have to?  Take the extra time to make sure you have your mind made up.  Maybe spend more time deciding on a goalie.  Maybe a better offer will come along if you wait a little while longer.

Lets say you have decided on your three 20's, and Kozun is one of them.  You wait another week, and a team comes along and offers two first round picks for him (AKA Marcel Noebels).  Does something like that change your mind?

Lets say you wait a week, and play both of them this weekend, and one gets hurt?

Of course, if Hickman is ready to come back this week, then maybe this post is all for not.

Editor's Note: Adam Henry has been traded to Saskatoon for 17 year old defensemen Turner Ottenbreit.


Anonymous said...

Tbirds wont get a good return the longer they wait.... Teams know the HAVE to make a move, so other teams hold the upper hand already and will lowball offer the Tbirds as it gets closer and closer. Id make the move NOW and get this season underway and let the kids create chemistry and let the 20 year olds sleep better at night.

jon said...

I think there are some better questions now that Wardley is back - Who gets more ice time, Wolf or Khaira?
- It's only three games, but assuming Kozun is on the team wouldn't you want to showcase one of the other goalies? There are 5 games left to do this.
- Is Volcan not fun to watch?

The other Jon

Anonymous said...

I think Khaira is already getting more ice time then Wolf.

Anonymous said...

I like the logic of making the moves early and timely. The comments in the previous thread presented the case in favor of keeping Henry due to the question marks surrounding Theodore's return. I think the same logic applies to the Hickman situation. The team appears to be quite offensively challenged. The timing of Hickman's return is a question mark, and even when he returns the T-Birds will still likely struggle in the scoring department. Everett made a timely early move to land Scherbak, just as we made a solid move last season with the acquisitions of Yakubowski and McKechnie. Maybe not this week, per se, but trading a 19 defender for a forward in the early weeks of the season seems completely logical.

Jon said...

One thing I wanted to make clear to people, I am all in favor of making a trade, just not sure this week and immediately is the right time.

Jon said...

Guess Russ believes sooner is better.

As Henry is traded

Anonymous said...

For another 17 year old defenseman with no apparent scoring touch...

Thunnex said...

Whoa... hang on.

One, what did you expect Seattle to get for a 20 year old player when only 1 team (2 after Sask released a guy) had spots for 20 year olds?

Two, have we (you) really decided he has no scoring touch as a 17 year old with 12 games in the WHL? And he scored his first goal in his first game this year.

Unknown said...

Well I've been saying for a while that I would rather keep Henry over Wardley (with Wardly's history, one more "bad" check could land him a 10+ game suspension), but I guess I can't get everything right.

Either way, I like the trade for another 17 year old instead of opting for another draft pick. With Saskatoon being pretty much the only team who we could trade another 20, tied to the fact that we only got a 6th round pick for Sam, I do not expect we would have got another draft pick that would have been worth it (as the 6th round only barely qualifies... if it even does).

I really like where this team is going in having so many 17's. Honestly I would like to see if we could grab one more for our defense. Think it's possible to do with with a trade involving Wolf and a draft pick? I would also like to see if we could find a scoring 19 year old forward. Only problem with this one is I'm not sure who we would give up to acquire them. Obviously another draft pick, but even if you don't use Wolf for a 17 year old D, I'm not sure you could use him in a trade for someone who can score (unless you might be willing to give up a 1st round draft pick).

I think we need to take this year with a grain of salt and just have fun watching this team learn and grow as the season moves along. Starting next year is when the REAL fun begins.

Anonymous said...

Tyler, do you think this says anything about what the T-birds think about their chances of getting Fabbro or Schuldhaus to eventually sign?

Anonymous said...

What real fun starts next year, another year of a shit kicking. The only way this teams makes it into a second round of playoffs is with addition of Fabbro and a couple of trades and if they don't make trades this year the boys will be golfing before the first round begins, also if it is real bad this year don't be surprised if there is a coaching change or your top players asking for a trade

Anonymous said...

This team has some very, very high end talent. Just because it's young doesn't mean they won't be good. Give them some time this season before writing them off. They've outshot all three of their opponents this season because they have possessed the puck more then the other team. That's not easy to do when you are young and Seattle is the youngest team in the league. Now they just need to bury those shots.

Anonymous said...

Oh and lookee there.. Portland screws around and picks up a 25-30 goal caliber player without giving much away. The rest of the division is striking the trade market early.. This is no time for a Russ-nap.

Anonymous said...

No surprise that Portland traded for a 20 yr old. the ones currently on their roster don't bring much to the table. They will have to release one though.

Anonymous said...

For the record, I think trading Henry was not the best move considering his ability to generate points. Having said that it is a bit of a relief to finally know what we've got.

Unknown said...

I'm not sure what it says in regards to bringing in Fabbro or Schuldhaus.

I don't think Seattle will be able to turn Fabbro into another Gropp (unless Seattle can go on a tear and Penticton takes a dive... And from what I understand, Penticton is stacked. Besides, would you rather be a 16 year old starter in the BCHL or a 16 year old third line, not everyday player in the WHL?)

Next season however, can we get Fabbro and/or Schuldhaus on the roster? We are currently looking at losing only two D; Wardley and Theodore. Can we replace those two with Fabbro and Schuldhaus? What about Tyszka? Can we lock him up as a 16 year old like Khaira this year, or do we hold off and wait until he is 17? Can we bring in all three and replace Wardley, Theodore, and Wolf? Will Wolf even be around all season?

There are just too many question and it is too early to answer any of them.

I'm sure Farwell and Konowalchuk have an idea about what they would like to have happen.. But this far out it is hard to say if even that will come true. I think a big part of it rests on the trades we do / do not make this season.

Anonymous said...

I think Russ needs to take a hard look at what it would take to pry Cole Ully out of Kamloops. This team is young but there is no need to look to next season if if an addition of Ully or someone equivalent along with the eventual return of Hickman and Theo can get this offense rolling.

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