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Hockey Challenge 2014

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Hickey named Captain

I think this is worth mentioning... even if most of you probably already read about this or heard about it.

Thomas Hickey was named as the Captain of Canada's National Junior Team. This is quite an honor for Hickey and well deserved. As a U.S. citizen, I hope the good 'ole American boys can take down the powerhouse Canadians.... but it will be very easy to root for Hickey and the Canadians if the U.S. team falls.

Story here...

1 comment :

Mr Tell13 said...

Great opportunity for him!!!
And of course Canada with the mix of young talent and experienced players is a favorite to win Gold this year again. I thgink its still going to be very competitive.
On the t-birds side of things, it will be a greatchance for some guys on the team to step up to fill the voids. (both for hickey and O'Brian) Any expectations from anybody ?

Also, I did not check the schedule but can the t-birds take advantage of Pickard being gone for tri-cities? A few games against their #2 goaltender would not hurt...(i'm sure he is very good, but you would think it would be easier)

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