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Hockey Challenge 2014

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I return from vacation, Tbirds do not

We didn't make it back in time to see the game last night... so I can't provide any thoughts. I think I can pretty much sum up the game by saying it was a huge stinker. You can't lose 5-1 to Portland at home or this team has no shot this season. Sounds like the boys were not ready to return from vacation. I like the quote I saw from Coach Sumner in the Times the other day that basically said the number of home games in the second half of the season is only beneficial if you are playing well and you go out and get those games.... and he is absolutely right. Nobody is going to just come in and lay down for you because you've been on the road the entire first half of the season and chances are they are going to be just as excited to play in the new building as we will be.

Let's hope the Tbirds bounce back with a good effort tonight.


Anonymous said...

Nice work. Since I was there from Portland watching the Hawks take apart a T- Bird team who looked like they would be rather playing with their Wii's and X-boxes than playing hockey.

I was thinking here we go again when the T-birds took a quick 1 - 0lead early in the contest, but after that the Hawks contrilled the game.

As a T-bird fan you missed NOTHING! Nice way to close down Key arena too. I don't want to hear any sad excuses either T-bird fans, your team lost to the better team today.

Can't wait to see a hockey place in the new barn

Brian in Sherwood

Anonymous said...

Both teams played like crap, the t-birds played like crap for more of the game than the hawks did. it was a real ugly game to watch, and after it was 3-1, the birds played even worse and allowed it to go to 5-1. i was impressed with haber on D, cloud up front, and despite letting in 5, jake had flashes of brilliance again, especially on the 5-3 kill. Jake needs to keep his head up, because he seemed to let the goals get to him despite playing so well.

Anonymous said...

can you maybe talk about some of the guys the tbirds might go out and try and trade for. its very obvious to me that they need a goal scorer other than prab rai and jimmy o. i have season tickets and have been to every home game, watched pretty much every away game, and still see no one stepping up and scoring. greg doesnt look they way he did with bud, parker looks like he is going to be good, but he is still young. i just cant stand going to games and watching one line score all the goals. we need help. maybe blog about some guys the tbirds can go after with the trade deadline coming up. and t doesnt really know much about hockey because after the first 59 seconds. portland looked pretty damn good to me. hes right, haber and cloud were probably the best players on the ice. but portland dominated the game. jake gives up for to many rebounds. and we just looked flat. anyways, thanks, you do a great job at what you do. hopefully you can help me out..... chris

Anonymous said...

I am not sure what game T was watching either. Hey Chris welcome to a Winterhawk fan when usually only one line can generate any kind of offense. However, last night all 4 lines at least put presure on the T-Birds. Its tough to compete at this level with only one line doing most of the scoring unless you have Nedved, Goodall and Gervais. The T-Birds won't get anybody at the deadline just like the Winterhawks will only make a "small" deal.

Brian in SHerwood.

P.S. at least no more games at the Key. that place is where good hockey games go to die!

Thunnex said...

couple things... Yeah only 2 more games and counting to get out of that pile of crap Key Arena... I guess we are glad now that the Kent opener wasn't last night?

Also... Chris... absolutely. I am planning a very big trade deadline article/posting. Last year my trade deadline post ended up with the highest blog hits I had all year. In fact... it might be so big this year I might have to break it into two parts... one for our own players and another for players we could/should go after.

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