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Hockey Challenge 2014

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3rd Round

Seattle selects Jetlan Houcher (sweet name) - Left Wing - 5'11", 164 lbs.

Houcher played for the Lloydminster Universal Heat Bantam AAA team this season and has some really, really good stats.

In 33 games played he scored 50 times to go with 19 assists and only 28 PIMs. On some message boards I see people saying some really nice things about this kid being a tremendous athlete and student with some really nice potential.

Tbirds stay offensive with a kid who looks like a pure goal scorer. Makes me wonder if the hockey staff thinks they their current defensemen can get the job done in the next couple of years.


Anonymous said...

After picking Sanvido in the first round last season in the draft were the T-birds defensemen heavy with their picks? I can't remember. I know the #2 pick was a d man, Muth I think.

Thunnex said...

Correct on Muth in the 2nd... Tbirds also went defensive in the 3rd with Armbruster, the 5th with Walker and the 9th with Trey Keenan from Texas.

Anonymous said...

You wonder if they actually have a plan here on how to surround Colin Jacobs with talent.

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