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Hockey Challenge 2014

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Draft Day coverage...

Welcome to draft day.... always an exciting day for any hockey fan but probably not as exciting as other drafts as I'm sure 99% of us have never seen any of these kids play, including myself. Credit Alan Caldwell with the stats.

1st Round - Brandon Troock - Right Wing, 6'0" 160 lbs

Troock is from Edmonton and has been playing for the Bantam AAA Edmonton CAC (Canadian Athletic Club) team.

In 44 total games with CAC this season, Troock tallied 29 goals, 30 assists and exactly 100 PIMs.

2nd Round - Justin Hickman - Center, 6'0", no weight

Hickman (whoa I almost just typed Hickey... we wish) played for the Kelowna Jr. Rockets this past season and the only stats Caldwell has show him with 13 games played, 5 goals, 2 assists and 20 PIMs.

So at this point Seattle is going offensive heavy with their first two picks.


Anonymous said...

Go to and the T-Birds are posting the picks and stats.
Hickman, 6'0" 165 lbs

Thunnex said...

You are correct... but seeing as I think Twitter is the single dumbest thing on the planet right now I'm going to just do my own thing.

Credit the Tbirds for doing it though... more information is always a good thing... even if Twitter is dumb.

Anonymous said...

Go Twitter yourself.... I totally agree Tyler

Brian in Sherwood

Anonymous said...

Well, it appears the most teams in the league are using Twitter to post their draft choices, the stats of those choices and comments from their GMs on the choice. So if you don't want that info by all means don't go to Twitter. I would think for 5-6 hrs out of one days you could handle Twitter.

Thunnex said...

No... you misunderstand what I'm saying. What the Tbirds (and other teams) are doing on Twitter is great...

Like I said... I think more information is always a good thing.

But I'm still going to do my own posts. A blog isn't much different than a Twitter except I'm not limited to just a few words per "post".

Anonymous said...

Tyler, the post was directed more at Brian in Sherwood.

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