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Hockey Challenge 2014

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Another update on the look and layout of the website here. I really have never liked the Ads that were put into the website (by me). I think they look tacky and often they have nothing to do with hockey... but the whole point of putting them there was to maybe make a few bucks to offset how much time I spend writing and doing things to cover the team. Obviously I don't do this for the money... I do it because I love doing it but a little extra cash for some beers at ShoWare never hurt anyone.

Bottom line.... I have never liked them and I haven't even cashed one check yet so I'm getting rid of them. As a substitute, I have placed a Donation button on the left. Nobody should feel obligated to donate, and I know times are tough for a lot of people. If you like my work here on the website and you want to give me a virtual pat on the butt you can now donate securely through the website.

I envision this being far down the road... but if I received enough in the way of donations I think it would be a great idea to take that money and pump it back into you, the fans, by organizing and hosting a Let's Go Birds event in the future. I'll take the money and we can get hardcore fans together to talk a little hockey before a big game. Who knows... I might even be able to secure "guest speaker" type event... but that is all in my visions for the future.

1 comment :

stbird said...

I think donation is a great idea. I hope it works. You will see a donation from me soon. Hope it catches on.

Is it hockey season yet??? I can't wait any longer.

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