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Hockey Challenge 2014

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This season is dragging on me.

I was able to witness my first ever victory in Everett last Friday night. What a fun time that was. I went up there with no expectations and wound up seeing a pretty good game.

Seattle was not good for the first two periods of the game but they were able to hang in there and hang around before getting the 2 goals in the 3rd period to tie the game and getting the overtime winner. Marcel Noebels was the story of the game for Seattle. He was absolutely fantastic getting 2 goals and assisting on the goal by Burke Gallimore.

Saturday was obviously a bit of a different story. Spokane looks like a team that could really make a run in the playoff this year. I have been very impressed by what I have seen out of them lately at ShoWare and on television.

Seattle wasn't very good on Saturday and I want to be very careful not to make too many excuses for the final 5-1 result but I feel like something needs to be noted about the officiating.

The league should be embarrassed. Trent Knorr and Dan Cowley were awful with the whistle and it wasn't just bad for Seattle it was awful for both teams. It just so happened that Spokane was able to cash in on 4/8 power play chances while Seattle was 0/6 on theirs.

I just don't have the energy to recap every single missed call because there were a bunch.

Seattle looks pretty determined to miss the playoffs at this point and it has become quite depressing.


Anonymous said...

Finally, Doty V. Kramer. Kramer going over to the bench to beg permission to drop them was mildly amusing.

Is it just me or is the officiating particularly horrible this year? I do not recall nearly as many poorly officiated games in seasons past.

Anonymous said...

The quality has been bad, the officials decided to make the game about them right off the bat and the game never really had a flow. I'm thinking the T-birds just want to aim for that top draft pick, so we can show the league we can blow that too. I used to plan my schedule around the games making sure I didn't miss any. Now like Tyler says it's way to depressing to watch, games have no entertainment value anymore, it's hard committing your own time and money into something that is a constant let down.

Anonymous said...

I am full agreement with Tyler, I have lost interest in this team. The quality of play has gone down as the season has progressed. Never a good sign. I enjoyed watching this team play the first couple of months of the season but they just seem to be going through the motions now. At least I can focus my attention on the Canucks for the rest of the year.

Anonymous said...

For me, the most telling sign of this team was right after Spokane scored 2 quick ones and Sumner called a time out. As he's ragging them out, the players are all spread along the bench staring into the crowd.. they clearly don't hear him anymore.

Wake up T-Bird management, it's time for a change. If it's going to be the same old Sumner, the same old Farwell, the same old scouts that wouldn't know talent if it pinched them in the butt -- then things won't change anytime soon. I've been a season ticketholder for 12 years, but if they don't make some front office changes after this latest mess of a season, I'm done with them.

Anonymous said...

The franchise, team, organization has become the Victoria/Prince George Courgars of the WHL. The good news is, it can't get much worse.

The new coach next year should look like a genius. No place to go but up. Remember, that WAS the year that the TBIRDS were pointing for to make their run.

Seems like a funny concept now. The all too famililar "wait until next year" does not even seem to apply. What a joke.

Anonymous said...

We've been Seattle fans for over 20 years. Stuck with them when we could have moved to Tacoma. But this is the first year we've actually talked about not renewing our season tickets next year. Sadly, like someone else said, it's just not fun anymore. Our highlight this year was getting together with friends, but even they are talking about not coming back. So what's it going to take to get us to spend over 3000 a year going to hockey? Something from this organization that says "we're serious about becoming a contender". And that's NOT standing pat and giving this coaching staff another chance. We know Farwell isn't going anywhere, but it's time for him to wake up. In our opinion Turner isn't the answer either. We'd like someone with experience at coaching, with some level of success. Go out and get a winner, and maybe this team will follow him!!

Anonymous said...

Speaking of those Victoria Cougars, wasn't Mr Sumner the captain of that worst team in WHL history.

Anonymous said...

Even the bloggers are bored with bashing the management and the coach.

Anonymous said...

Bash to you Farwell Bash to you Sumner There.

Anonymous said...

Looking like a fairly high draft pick this year. Can they screw it up? Yes that was a rhetorical question.

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