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Hockey Challenge 2014

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I was on vacation this past weekend marking my 3rd decade of existence on this planet. I guess the Tbirds won last night... nice... I'm having a hard time caring these days.

I'm much more focused on raising money for the Hockey Challenge than worrying about whether Seattle can gain the 8th seed and get smashed out of the playoffs in 4 or 5 games by Portland, Spokane or Tri-City.

Of note... Pickard made 57 saves in the win last night and I heard that Dave Sutter absolutely crushed Collin Valcourt in a rare fight. It's nice to know that in a year where we are rarely winning games (especially in the 2nd half) we can still win just about every fight we are in.

15 games left and Seattle has some work to do if they have visions of getting into that 8th spot in the Western Conference. 9 of those games are at home... which should be a good thing but when your home winning percentage is .370 I'm not sure how good that really is.


Anonymous said...

That's pretty much what all T-bird fans really needed to see. That they still care, Ryan Button's goal saving play revived energy not only for the team but the fans. It's only one game and we almost gave up 60 shots again. But they showed some fight back last night, which is something we haven't seen much at home this year. It was a relief not being angry or depressed and actually being proud leaving a game. I almost forgot how great that felt, get something going boys.

Anonymous said...

Totally agree with the first comment. Does last night's win mean we're headed for greatness or even the playoffs - probably not. But it was nice to see that with a little bit of effort, they can make great things happen. It's really the first time this year that I've seen the team playing like they actually LIKED each other.

That play by Button will go down as probably THE play of the year. The entire energy in ShoWare changed after that. And who knew Dave Sutter could fight???

Anonymous said...

Last night reminded me of why I love hockey. To see the team fight as hard as they did to stay in the game and then fight to stay in the lead, was something we haven't seen in a long time!
Button had a GREAT game, and it's been such a long time since I've seen the crowd on it's feet for a player. WOW!!!

Anonymous said...

The Sutter fight was pretty good. He was intense and I'm pretty sure Valcourt was surprised at the outcome. Overall Sutter has to be one of the most improved players from the start of this season. He isn't making the mistakes he did early, he is more physical, and his shot is harder than it was. My wife is no longer asking me why I like Sutter as she was early in the season.

I was also happy to see Gallimore get the final goal. He took a few good hits during the game and it was great to have him finish the game off.

Maybe we should have parents' night more often. The crowd was supportive when they were introduced between periods and I hope the parents felt appreciated. I'm sure the players wanted to do well... and they did!

Anonymous said...

Except for Spooner and Frank who not only didn't get to play, but weren't even allowed to dress for warmup.

Anonymous said...

Lockhart and Jacobs will pick it up.

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