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Hockey Challenge 2014

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Camp Thoughts, Round 2

Couple more random thoughts from the camp scrimmage last night. Again in no particular order.

- Teams were paired down to just Team Blue and Team Grey last night with roughly 50 players left.

- Connor Honey was playing with Lockhart and Noebels last night. I'm not so sure he is a "lock" to make the team like the Anonymous comment indicated but I think there are some strong indications that he might be here to stay.

- Stefan Burzan suffered an injury at some point Sunday and sat out last night. I didn't see anything happen to him, did anyone else?

- Taylor Green is still listed as injured but there are indications that he is close to skating and playing.

- The Troock, Rouse, Alos line had a particularly good game with Troock getting two goals and Rouse getting one on the night.

- Kevin Wolf was back one day after taking a hit to the knee and being helped off. Good to see that he is ok. He looks to be a keeper for a 15 year old and should have a decent chance to make the team next year.

- Not much else stood out. I got the feeling that the legs are starting to get a little bit tired and most of the players didn't quite have the jump and focus they might have had in the first few days.


Anonymous said...

Tyler, Wolf is from Minnesota so my guess is he would have to be convinced to go the WHL route. I'd bet the colleges back there, especially the Univ of Minn would love to have him. But if Farwell can get him to come west I think they got a steal for a 10th rd draft pick. From what I saw this weekend,I think he's at least as good as Hauf and Hauf's a year older. I like these late round gambles on U.S. born players but can someone tell me why the T-birds don't go after kids from California like Portland and Tri do? Seems they always pick U.S. kids from college hockey areas (Minn, Colo) that don't want to play here.

Thunnex said...

Always a risk with U.S. players involved but I think it is a pretty good sign that he is here in the first place. Ambroz, Fallon and Zucker have never even bothered to come over and give Seattle a look at training camp.

You're guess is as good as mine though...

Anonymous said...

Met Wolf's dad on Sunday. He hasn't signed a dub contract but is at least exploring the options.

Anonymous said...

Alos also scored a goal last night. That line was clickin nicely.

Anonymous said...

Its great to hear that Troock is getting ice time and doing well! Hope he has made a complete and lasting recovery.

Anonymous said...

Where's Gropp?

Anonymous said...

I was just reading the roster on the t-birds forum. Not sure what this means, but they have Button listed and Machacek not listed. Is this a typo or do they know something we don't?
Glad to see Honey and Burzan still on the list.

Thunnex said...

Probably a typo. Machacek is here and Button has a near zero chance of coming back to Seattle.

Anonymous said...

So what happened on Tuesday???

Anonymous said...

I heard Wolf and Honey are in the same boat..both are not committed yet to playing in the WHL. Still keeping open NCAA options.

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