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Hockey Challenge 2014

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No WJC for Pickard

I will have some time today to write my thoughts about the games on Friday and Saturday but I wanted to get this up first.  I suppose that things could change but as of this morning Calvin Pickard will not be getting an invite to the World Junior camp for Team Canada.

A full list of the invites can be found here.


Anonymous said...

This is disturbing. How far the mighty have fallen. While I am no Pickard fan but I will admit that the lack of defense in front of him has hindered his ability. Who can we blame for this fall? Could it be the Thunderbird management in not setting defense or even offense as a priority and allowing one man to defend the entire organization? Or could Pickard to be blamed for not stepping up in a tough situation? For me, I can't blame Pickard entirely. The team and organization let him down as they have Cotton. When will the Thunderbird organization get serious about putting a quality team together? New scouts could help.

Anonymous said...

I think the future of the defense looks bright, it will be another year or two before we see the full potential of guys like Hauf, Theodore, Greene, Wardley, and Wolf.

Anonymous said...

The organization took a step in that direction and removed a coach that never belonged behind the bench to begin with. Potential means nothing. How good are these kids now? They are still one of the oldeer teams in the league, until they draft better they will not improve. Drafting big players that can't skate won't win games.

Anonymous said...

They are only older because they traded for some d-men to get them through this season (Machecek, Verdino, Laroque, Deagle). The two 20s obviously won't be here next season and it wouldn't surprise me if neither Laroque or Deagle make the club as 20s next season. They are the bridge to the young up and comers; Hauf, Theodore, Green, Wolf, Smith, Douglas and a couple others on their PPL. Still, better hope they pan out.

Dean said...

I'm sorry but I can't wait for younger kids to mature. This year might be lost, the potential is there but team is so inconsistent. How many years of a failed system should the fans have to deal with. We do have a new coach but this team has the capability to win but fails to play offense and that is killing the defense. I still fault the scouts. Did the scouts change? I didn't hear of any but I could be wrong. What about the upper management control of the team? It seems to me that they are running this team as a hobby and not giving a damn about the fans. I don't know...I'm just a frustrated fan that sees so much potential that has been hyped up but we, the fans, are not getting anything in return. BTW...what they did to Cotton the other night should be a crime.

Anonymous said...

I know this is bad for Pickard, a young man always wants to represent there country, especially as prestigious as the WJC, good for us though because obviously he will be playing for us.

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