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Hockey Challenge 2014

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Streak Over

Seattle gets a nice win in Lethbridge last night to break their losing streak. Things sure do feel a lot better after wins.  I didn't get a chance to catch much of the game last night (bad blogger, I know) but I was able to listen to portions of the game in the 2nd and 3rd periods. It’s feeling like this team isn't giving up on the season.  It gives me hope when I feel like the players still have hope to turn this thing around.  Regardless of whether or not that happens, it feels better when it appears that the players still genuinely care.

This "observations" come from the box score and listening to the radio, so keep that in mind.
  • Calvin Pickard seemed to have a nice rebound game, stopping 33 of 35 shots to pick up his 6th win. When Pickard is on top of his game, the team always has a chance to win.
  • Justin Hickman probably deserved a star last night.  His forecheck led to the Brendan Rouse goal that gave Seattle a two goal cushion and eventually was the GWG. Hickman finished +3 for the night, had an assist on the Noebels goal and probably deserved one on the Rouse goal.
  • Another good game from Rouse, who now has 5 points on the road trip in 4 games and has 9 points on the season.
  • Marcel Noebels, goal, assist +2. That is more like it.
  • Shea Theodore was a scratch a night after Jared Hauf was a scratch.  It could be that both are getting the old HS for performance reasons but I think it has a lot to do with them being 16 and the coaches not wanting to burn them out over the course of a long season.
Seattle travels to Calgary next to face the Hitmen in the other potentially winnable game of the trip.


Anonymous said...

Can someone explain to me what's going on with Lockhart? 5 pts and -14 all this coming from the captain? I understand the team hasn't played that well but those are terrible numbers from someone who should be leading the team.

Anonymous said...

I would suggest nothng more than going thru a bad stretch just more notieable as its at the start of the season. Last year several of the players went thru dry times at various times. It's a long year & I think its too soon to throw anyone under the bus. The team has the secon fewest goals in the league so everyone's totals are less than they should be. As far as the minus rating remeber that he plays at the end of gamse when they have given up 5 or 6 empty net goals so that inflates that number.

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