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Hockey Challenge 2014

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Donations, Sanvido Back

A huge thank you to everyone for their donations. I would name each of you publicly by name but I don't have specific permission to do that... so let me just say thank you to each and every one of you. My contributions have eclipsed $1000 and my team has now raised over $26,000 and might reach $30,000 before Saturday.

For those curious, I will be playing for the White Team in the All-Star Game. My team will be coached by Dennis Bounds of King 5 news.

I will also be doing a live interview at the 1st intermission of the game on either Saturday or Sunday (likely Sunday) to talk about the Hockey Challenge. I will update when I know which game for sure. I'm sure there will be a lot of nerves and plenty of "umms" and "uhhhhs".

A bit of Tbirds related news today. It certainly appears that Connor Sanvido has now returned to the Tbirds. Of course, I can't confirm this... but it certainly seems to be true.

1 comment :

Nikan said...

Tyler - Good to see you on the ice tonight. Now you know how tough it is to be an NHL defenseman though. :)

Oh and what was that about Gibby in a towel?

aaaand...Next year we'll have to make sure you raise more than West.

Proud of you and your work for the RHMC and the Hockey Challenge.

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