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Hockey Challenge 2014

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Tbirds win, Hunnex loses

Only a quick note this morning as I need to be back down to Showare Center for another game this morning.

My IEB team ended up raising over $30,000 for the RMH and my donations wound up being close to $1,500 without the benefit of the "Microsoft Match". I want to once again thank every single Tbirds fan that helped my team donate to a very worthy cause.  The Celebrity game was a lot of fun and hopefully I didn't embarrass myself too much out there. Overall, I thought I played pretty well but I clearly made a couple of mistakes and Lloyd Shaw made me look absolutely silly on that one rush up the ice.  I felt like every time I looked up I had a former Tbird player bearing down on me!

As an added note, I will be doing the 1st intermission live interview on the radio broadcast for tonight's game to talk about the Challenge and my experiences raising money for the cause. My understanding is that they will be doing the introduction of the Thunderbird parents on the ice during the 1st intermission as well so I'm guessing there will be about 10 people listening to the radio. I think that is probably a good thing.

As far as the Tbirds game was concerned... it was a game that Seattle needed to have to maintain hope for the playoffs and they were able to play one of their most complete games in some time. They controlled the action from start to finish and even though I didn't see much of the 3rd period while getting dressed for my game, the reports I got sounded like the 3rd was much like the first two periods. It was nice having Brad Deagle back in the lineup and he produced 2 assists and a +2 night for the Birds.  I know I have said it before but what a good trade by Russ Farwell to grab Deagle at the start of the season. Deagle has logged a ton of minutes and has generally been one of Seattle's most solid performers on defense.

With the win... Seattle gets just a little bit of breathing room in the race for the playoffs. They now hold a 3 point lead over Everett with a game in hand and 12 games remaining (11 for Everett). Victoria picked up a win in Prince George, giving them a 2 point lead over Seattle (5 points over Everett) for the 7th seed in the West and Seattle holds two games in hand over Victoria.


Anonymous said...

The interview was fine, most of us were just amazed at how well the T-birds power play looked tonight... the Americans didn't kill a single one!

Anonymous said...

I think Jason Nissen was upset that Shinniman was stealing the spotlight and decided he wanted the #1 star of the game. What a joke of an official, where do they find these clowns.

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