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Hockey Challenge 2014

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Ultra Quick Update

With the loss last night, Seattle put their playoff hopes in peril once again.

The good news is that Everett won (I just threw up in my mouth a little bit saying that) and here is why.

Victoria clearly has the tougher schedule and Everett is looking pretty good for making the playoffs. If Victoria steals one of the two (now one) games in Everett it would make things much tougher for the Tbirds to finish in position. If you more or less concede that Everett will likely gain the 7th seed, Seattle must become a fan of anyone that plays Victoria.

A sweep in Prince George would have made things a lot easier... but the Tbirds haven't played consistently decent games in months and I honestly expected PG to come out with their best effort with their season down to a must win situation. So last night's result wasn't really very surprising to me. If this team makes the playoffs they won't be smashing down the front door to get there.

Seattle gets a rare Friday night off before hosting the Winterhawks at Showare on Saturday.


Anonymous said...

Just think how good the HAWKS could be if they did not have 3 19- year olds playing in the NHL instead of in Portland! Its all about scouting and the T-Birds need to start investing in their scouting personel. Any second thoughts on NOT trading Pickard now? By the way the Hawks traded popular 20 year old Kurtis Mucha when the team was going to make the playoffs. Turned out well for them!

Brian in Sherwood

Anonymous said...

You do remember how BAD the hawks were a few years ago right? Basement dwellers I believe. It's real easy to pick number one picks. And we'll be using your number one picks for two years to make our team better!
With all your insight, who did Russ turn down for Picks?

Anonymous said...

I can't see this team improving next year. With Farwell's inability to pick players, Pickard gone, 20 year olds like Lockhart, Laroque, Deagle, Lund. I don't think I could stand another year of torture. Maybe if they give a packet of Medicimal Marijuana with each ticket to ease the pain it could entice a few fans. NHL Center Ice for $159.00 a year looks better and better.

Anonymous said...

Just because you have No.1 picks means you pick the right players. By the way the Hawks had only the top pick once. However the Hawks have had 4 great drafts in a row. That is how you build a team and stay competitive.

Anonymous said...

Check your facts. Portland had the #1 pick twice. In 2009 they drafted Pouliot 1st overall. They traded the #1 overall pick in 2007 for a package and only moved down 4 spots in the draft order. That was the year they drafted Brad Ross (Quinton Howden went #1 overall to Moose Jaw..that is where Portland traded the top pick to). Portland also received MJ's 2nd rd pick that year and drafted Joe Morrow with it, after they botched their own 2nd rd pick on Kyzen Loo. By the way Portland also had Brandon's 2nd rd pick that year and drafted Keith spot after Seattle chose Pickard, not so good. Having the #1 pick overall also means you have the high picks in each subsequent round including the 2nd round (in 09 they got Leier in the 2nd rd). Plus in 2008 they had the #2 overall pick and got Ty Rattie (Nugent-Hopkins went first overall). At the top of the 2nd rd they got Wotherspoon that year. During those bad years they also traded away anything that moved for future picks or young list player, That was smart. For the life of me I'll never understand why the T-birds didn't trade Hickey, O'Brien, Rai and now Pickard when they had the chance. Held onto assets for no good reason. They put too much value on their own players. As a result, they are further behind where Portland was. Also the league stepped in and forced the old Portland ownership to sell and conveniently found them a billionaire owner with hockey connections. Had the league not stepped in your franchise would be toast. They should do the same for Seattle.

Anonymous said...

Like the first guy said: The Winterhawks only had drafted #1 ONCE!!!

Anonymous said...

No, he said they only had the #1 pick once. Not true. They had it twice. they TRADED it once. But they had the #1 pick twice. See, ya can't trade what you don't have. Had it, traded it. IF you still don't get it, then I'll re-post what he posted: "By the way the Hawks had only the top pick once."

Anonymous said...

who cares .....

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