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Hockey Challenge 2014

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Bantam Draft Selections

1st Overall Selection - Mathew Barzal. Whether he said yes or no to Seattle... the Tbirds have selected him. This draft has been described as Barzal and everyone else which makes the pick the right selection and a good selection. Now we all hold our breath and hope that he signs and comes to Seattle.

Barzal had 39 goals and 68 assists for the Burnaby Winter Club Bruins. Barzal is a swift skater and was an elite scorer against the best Bantam competition in British Columbia.

Links on Barzal: Seriously... just google Mathew Barzal.

20th Overall Selection - Keegan Kolesar. Kolesar is 5'11". Seattle takes another forward, which should satisfy the "We need offense" crowd. Kolesar played last season for the Winnipeg Hawks, notching 22 goals and 11 assists in 27 games. He is also listed in other places as being 6'0" and is believed by some to be the best power forward in the draft.

Links on Kolesar:

25th Overall Selection - Ethan Bear, Defense, Whitewood, Sask. Bear is stands 5'10.5" tall and played last season for POE Bantam Team - Tier 1. Seems to be some mystery on Bear. I believe he actually played for Kelowna's Pursuit of Excellent (per Alan Caldwell) and is listed in other played at being 6'0" already. And the lesson as always is that I am a complete idiot and obviously POE stands for... you guessed it... Pursuit of Excellence... take a bow Hunnex.

Links on Bear:

47th Overall Selection - Logan Flodell. Flodell is a goaltender from Regina, listed at 5'10" which is a solid size for a goaltender at age 15. He played this past season for the Regina Senators Bantam AA. Seattle appeared to get very good value on their first three selections... this pick seems like more of a reach. Flodell was ranked by two different places outside of the top 10 goalies available and he becomes the 6th goaltender taken in the draft.

By some accounts Flodell has a bad year on a bad team. (Disclaimer: I'm just throwing out as much information as I can find. Please don't treat any of this as the gospel. I really don't have any idea on these guys until I have seen them play and the only one I have seen play is Barzal. Just throwing that out there.)

Links on Flodell:

Seattle doesn't have a 4th round selection and I need to get some real work done. I will circle back later with the later picks.

I guess Seattle does have their 4th rounder.

69th Overall Selection - Mason McCarthy, Center, Blackie, AB. McCarthy played last season for the Okotocks Bantam AAA. Listed at 5'7" and only 130lbs he is very small but he has been described in one summary by Western Elite as an elite scorer who was buried on a bad Okotoks team and that he can really be a good player when playing with other elite players.

Links on McCarthy:

I was right the first time. Seattle did NOT have a 4th round selection. That was the pick that went to Red Deer to the right to select Dave Sutter in the Import Draft.  Everything I just said... applies to Red Deer.

Btw... if you can't tell already... Western Elite is pretty much the place to find information on a lot of these players.

91st Overall Selection - Lane Pederson, Center, Saskatoon, SK. Pederson played for the Saskatoon Generals Bantam AA and served at the captain of the team. He is listed at 5'8" and 149 lbs. 27 goals and 24 assists in 33 games played. Caldwell has him listed at 5'9" and 155 now.


Anonymous said...

WTG MATT!! Did miller go in the 1st round as well?

Anonymous said...

WTG MATT!! Did miller go in the 1st round as well?

Anonymous said...

Tyler, I think you got the McCarthy pick wrong. He was taken by Red Deer with the pick they got from Seattle in the Deagle trade.

Thunnex said...

I did. My bad. I think it was from the Sutter deal but either way it definitely was not a Seattle selection.

Anonymous said...

Thanks Tyler, they seemed to have selected a well rounded bu ch

Anonymous said...

Could Farwell have talked to Barzal before picking him? Was there a question of whether he would come to Seattle before the draft?

I'm looking forward to see what the T-birds will do in the import draft.


Thunnex said...

Barzal was in Seattle for a visit before the draft. I have to imagine that they were given some kind of assurance that he was willing to play in Seattle or they wouldn't have drafted him.

So I think he probably is coming...

Anonymous said...

they need to convince Gropp to sign now. Him and Barzal together could be 1,2 in their NHL draft!!!(gropp late bday so he will be in Barzals draft year)

Anonymous said...

When is the import draft? Would it be a good idea to draft 2 d men? I hope we get some type of scorer and one d man in the import draft. Tom B had a good blog topic on scoring for next year. Allot of what if's though which is scary.

Anonymous said...

Import draft is not long after NHL draft - so late June

Anonymous said...

Seth Jones to Portland, the rich get richer! Portland is now a franchise where they can recruit and get players like Jones that was on the fence about the WHL. Mike Johnston has a good thing going which sickens me to say that.By the way it has been great to see ROOT sports carry the WHL Championship. It has shown me how far off the T Birds are from both of these teams, hopefully we get are past two number 1's signed in the near future.

Anonymous said...

Look how well Noebels has been doing for Portland. Looks like another case of Bohonos syndrome. Shows rather starkly how weak our overall team was compared to Portland's. Technically they are in the same league, only technically. I sure hope we get our pic's signed (and a new GM)

Anonymous said...

As for Noebels ..... He is playing along side Ty Rattie and maybe the best hockey player in the league in Swen Barteschi. I could score 20 goals and get lots of assists with those 2 on my line on every shift.

Brian in Sherwood

Anonymous said...

just think how good the Hawks would be with 19 year old Nimo and Ryan Johansen. WOW! great scouting

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