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Hockey Challenge 2014

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Chris Rumble Video

I'm a day late getting this posted but who cares... it needs to go up either way.

Most of you know the situation with Chris Rumble and you may also know that Chris is the one responsible for the Seattle vs. Portland rivalry video... this one...

Chris put together this inspiring video about the hem/oncology floor of Seattle Children's Hospital. He filmed it on Saturday, edited it on Sunday and posted it yesterday. Truly talented. I dare you to get through a minute of this video without getting goosebumps or getting a bit choked up. Chris is featured in the video towards the middle wearing an orange shirt and the video has already passed 64,000 hits as of this morning.


Dee Klem said...

Kelly Clarkson tweeted a link and posted it on her Facebook page today! Nice work Chris! The best part is all the smiles he brought to Children's :)

Anonymous said...

Nice job, Chris.

Anonymous said...

Nice job, Chris.

Anonymous said...

Seattle Children's is the BEST! Saved my, at that time, six month old's life. Everyone staff at Children's were top notch. OUTSTANDING hospital!

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