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Hockey Challenge 2014

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Blog Update - New Writer

I hope everyone has been enjoying their summer “vacation” from the hockey season. I always take first couple of months to recharge my energy for writing about the team and covering things and usually right around July here is where I start getting excited for the season again.

I’m going to be making some changes to Let’s Go Birds and I’m hoping that these changes will be for the better and will improve our coverage and content about the team.  At the very core, this blog has always been about sharing a fan’s (my) perspective on the team. I’ve never intended to be a journalist and I will leave that stuff to the excellent coverage Andy and Tim are providing over with ESPN 710.

Over the course of last season I realized something that I had been resistant to for a very long time… I need help.  I needed help with the blog because I want this blog to be better. I’ve resisted it for a very long time because this has always been my pet project and a labor of love for nearly 6 years now. The time has come for me to allow someone with similar (if not more) passion about the Tbirds to contribute to Let’s Go Birds and improve what I’m (we’re) doing.

With that… let me introduce to you… Jon Whiting.

Jon has been a Thunderbirds fan for a very long time and probably loves the Tbirds and Junior Hockey more than I do. I don’t always agree with Jon about everything and I think that means he’ll be a great partner for the blog. I’m going to give Jon almost compete autonomy to write and post whatever he wants (within reason during this “probation” period, haha).

Jon has already written a breakdown of the Tbirds schedule that was released last week and I’ll have that up later today for everyone to attack him and take him to task!

In other news… Shea Theodore was selected in the 1st round of the NHL Entry Draft yesterday, going 26th overall to the Anaheim Ducks. I had a feeling that Theodore might slip into the early 2nd round but I was happy to be wrong. Shea has been a very good and skilled player for Seattle since the first day he stepped on the ice. He still has things to work on in his own zone but you cannot deny the raw skating and puck handling ability that he possesses. I kept seeing “analysts” say that he has a “big shot”. I think that’s incorrect. As a 16 year old he rarely, if ever, used a slap shot and last season he added it in small bits. I’d say he has more of a “smart” shot than a “big” shot. Good for Shea.

No other Tbirds were selected and quite frankly I’m not too shocked by that. I’m a little surprised that you wouldn’t see a team take a flyer on Hauf late in the draft and hope he takes a step forward this upcoming season. Alas… they did not and he’ll be eligible again next year if he can improve.


Unknown said...

It's nice to see a new post to comment on and welcome Jon. There's nothing wrong with having different opinions, I think it is funner to read a blog that isn't a "lemming" blog.

I was a bit surprised as well that no one took Hauf, but I would guess NHL teams would rather see him use his size for hitting more instead of the stick to knock the puck away. Hopefully the draft eligible guys who didn't get taken have a great summer and take a huge step forward to start next season.

Anonymous said...

Excellent News!
Welcome Jon.

Dee Klem said...

will be good to hear from both of you!

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