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Hockey Challenge 2014

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Import Draft today

Just a quick note on the Import draft.

A new rule is in effect this year that says you can not trade import picks.
So unless Seattle wants to either drop or trade either Delnov or Lipsbergs, they can not use the pick at all.

A second part of the new rule says that you can not trade an import player for one year after drafting (I think, but it might be one year after acquiring).  But since it has been over a year, Seattle could trade either player mentioned above.

Here are a couple of pages that talk about the rule changes

and even the WHL release on today's draft mentions it

However, from what I hear Seattle is very happy with both players, and both players are happy with Seattle.
So I would expect Seattle to just pass.

And based on the website that tracks the draft, they already have.


Jon said...

Seattle opted to pass with the #13. no surprise.

Unknown said...

Looking at the draft list it looks like a lot of teams have traded picks, presumably before this rule went into place. It seems wrong to have some teams able to have traded picks before the rule went into place and then have other teams not be able to trade picks for the same draft. The rule should have been put into effect for the next draft so all the teams were on a level playing field with their own picks. Halifax had Shawinigan's #6 pick and Sherbrooke's #12 pick but the T-birds can't trade the #13 pick?

Anonymous said...

So 1st rounder Ryan Gropp that Seattle can hopefully sign was recently down at University of North Dakota checking things out. I was pretty convinced after Barzal signed, that Gropp would sign shortly after. But its starting to look a little less likely. His dad is extremely huge on education and the NCAA.

Dean said...

Sad day...Gropp signed a letter of intent with North Dakota.

Anonymous said...

Rumble to be head coach of Moncton according to this

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