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Hockey Challenge 2014

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Light Week and Light Weekend

I'll be honest with everyone... there hasn't been a whole lot to blog about the last couple of days unless I wanted to do some analysis of the small handful of trades that happened in the last two days. Frankly, I didn't... and we'll probably cover some of those deals when those teams actually come to town.

It will also be a relatively light weekend with the Tbirds playing only one game. Of course the home opener against the Silvertips is never a "light" event by itself.

The Silvertips come into town under unusual circumstances. They begin tonights game at home against Kelowna at 0-2 with both losses coming at home. In addition, there would have to be at least some concern over top goaltender Leland Irvings numbers in the first two games (0-2, 5.09 GAA, 83.3% Sv%). They also have a much bigger O/A problem than the Tbirds do with Ondrej Fiala's return leaving them with six 20 year olds.

On the bright side for the 'Tips is that the team is loaded with veterans for this early season contest. I have no word on whether Ian McKenzie will be available to play, but if he remains out the Tbirds would only have 3 dressed O/A players.

With the Silvertips at home tonight vs. Kelowna, the Tbirds should be the rested team. It would be interesting to see how the 'Tips responded IF they end up dropping tonights game to fall to 0-3. Perhaps a game away from the EEC (or Comcast Center) would be in order.

Word is that Jim O'Brien might join the team next week but might not be ready to play until the second weekend in October.

That is all for now... I will have reactions, observations and analysis on Sunday about Saturday's Home Opener.

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