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Hockey Challenge 2014

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Roster Update

Here is how the current T-birds roster looks heading into the first game at Kamloops on Saturday. As always this is subject to change. I'll break it down by position and year.

87's - Andre Herman, Ian McKenzie
88's - Bud Halloway, Greg Scott
89's - Jan Eberle (I), Lindsey Nielsen, Jim O'Brien, Prab Rai, David Richard, Josh Schappert
90's - Jeremy Boyer, Cody Hanson, Isak Quakenbush
91's - Josh Lazowski, Brenden Silvester, Charles Wells

87's - Benn Olson
88's -none
89's - Brad Bakken, Thomas Hickey, Jeremy Schappert
90's - Sena Acolatse, Brenden Dillon
91's - Steve Chaffin
88's - Riku Helenius (I)
89's - Tyler Esau
90's - Jacob DeSerres
(I) - Import

??????? - Scott Jackson

Jackson's status is in limbo and could change everything. Currently he is not listed on the official roster. Jackson was not offered a contract by the St. Louis Blue this summer and was invited to the Detroit Red Wings camp. If Jackson signs a contract with Detroit, my guess is he will not be back with the team. If he does not sign, he could be headed back to the team. This would create a roster problem (albeit a nice problem when you have a Scott Jackson back) with the Tbirds having 4 players in their 20 year old year. The team could then have until Oct. 11th to decide on which 3 of the 4 players to keep.

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