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Hockey Challenge 2014

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Tbirds can't catch Warriors from behind...

Seattle falls tonight 3-2 at home to the Moose Jaw Warriors.

Seattle fell behind 3-0 after a lack luster 1st period.

I didn't really feel that the effort was horrible in the 1st, but Seattle clearly had troubles in front of their own net and slot area.

Frazer McLaren opened the scoring on a Power Play goal from the mid slot area. Jacob DeSerres might want another crack at that shot, though it was quick and well placed inside the gloveside post.

Moose Jaw then scored two goals from close range separated by exactly 5 minutes. The second of which came on a nice effort by Giffen Nyren to get around Brendan Dillon and make the cross slot pass to Joel Broda for the 3-0 lead headed into the break.

Seattle dominated the 2nd and 3rd periods but couldn't quite catch the breaks they needed to catch Moose Jaw.

Seattle opened the scoring on a mistake by MJ goaltender Joey Perricone who attempted to play a puck in the low slot only to have Lindsey Nielsen shove it right back over his shoulder and off the back bar. That goal came at :23 seconds of the 2nd period and was exactly what the Tbirds needed.

Unfortunately, despite hitting two posts on their 17 shots in the 2nd period, Seattle was not able to score again and proved to be the difference.

Jeremy Boyer pounded home a rebound off an Ian McKenzie slap shot with just over 8 minutes to play in the game. For Boyer (and Nielsen) it was his 10th goal of the season.

Seattle continued to pound the net over and over again and Perricone just wouldn't give up the tying goal.

Perricone finished with 40 saves on 42 shots and even though I though on several occasions he was more lucky than good he was still overall very solid in net for the Jaw.

Jacob DeSerres ended with 21 saves on 24 shots and took the loss.

Let's Go Birds Three Stars of the Game (I actually agree with the in Arena stars).

1. Joey Perricone
2. Joel Broda
3. Lindsey Nielsen

Honorable Mention: Benn Olsen (again +2 but where was the fight with McLaren?)

Seattle falls to 16-12-6 which is 7th in the Western Conference on points but 5th in the conference in point percentage.

1 comment :

norwayonfire said...

I appreciate your honorable mention for Benn Olson, being a huge fan of his. It's great to look at the +/- rating for players and to give them credit for that. I would like to repeat the comments of announcer Brett Michaels by agreeing with his honorable mention for Jim O'Brien. I thought he looked great in all three periods, and although wasn't able to maximize on some opportunities, put forth tremendous effort for the team. Thanks for your postings, Thunnex!

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