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New Years Eve game and critic response...

First off... I traveled with Sean Runnels and my wife to Portland last night to attend the New Years Eve game against the Winterhawks and then spent the night celebrating the New Year in Portland so I haven't had a chance to write any recaps/thoughts of the game last night yet. Needless to say Seattle didn't play a perfect game but was able to capitalize on their chances against a team that dwells at the bottom of the U.S. Division. I will have more thoughts later as I write them down today having just arrived back home.

I don't really want to get in the habit of responding too much to criticism of myself or this blog but I'm feeling compelled to respond this morning since it is the first time I have been criticised. Recently on the forum an "anonymous" poster wondered why there seems to be more news about the Tbirds on other blogs than there is on this blog.

I can only hope that my readers understand that this blog is NOT my job. I decided to start this blog back in August because I was unhappy with the level of coverage that is provided to the team by the Seattle Times and Seattle PI and Gregg Drinnan has now reported that this coverage might become even worse in the new year. I don't hide behind the "anonymity" of the forum board... Everyone knows my name and knows that I am taking credit for my thoughts being public and out there for everyone to second guess and criticize. I don't get paid for this blog (unless people start clicking on those banners at an unbelievably higher rate!) and its not my job to write for this blog... I do it simply because I am a big fan of the Tbirds, have been a fan since I was a little kid roaming the ramps of the Center House, and I love doing it.

Gregg Drinnan is probably (or is) the best WHL blogger and reporter in the league. He probably talks to more sources in an hour than I do in a week. If he is the standard by which I'm being held... I think I'm doing a pretty good job. If my coverage can ever approach the level of Gregg Drinnan's, I would be thrilled with the quality of this blog.

Keep in mind people (or person), I am a FAN of the Seattle Thunderbirds and while I do my best to find each and every item that relates to the team, inevitably I am going to miss some things. I'm also not connected to management nor do they tell my ANYTHING.

Having said that... if people see things and I haven't reported it on the blog... feel free to send me an email and fill me in. I love it when people send me bits of information for the blog. I can't promise that I'm going to throw up everything that gets sent my way but I will be happy to accept any information people have.

The comment section is specifically there for people to create discussion or comment about the team or anything I have said and would encourage people to do that. I love when people comment about something I've written and love even more when people disagree with me.

Anyways... enough of that... hope everyone had a nice New Year and I look forward to many more Tbird wins in 2008.

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