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Hockey Challenge 2014

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Friday Update

Big weekend coming up here for the Tbirds who are in Everett (6th) tonight and then host the Kelowna Rockets (5th) tomorrow night at the Key.

4 points by Seattle this weekend wouldn't lock up the 4th spot and home ice, but would make it very difficult for either team to catch the Tbirds.

Let's open up a little debate here....

What team would Seattle rather face in the first round? or what might be the best matchup? and what teams do you think are a bad matchup for Seattle, either in the West or the entire WHL?

1 comment :

Mike said...

Well as I watched the game tonight in Everett I began to feel that Kelowna would be a better match for us. Everett has a slightly better D and better goaltending, especially with Irving hot. Kelowna can score goals but it's D and goaltending that wins in the playoffs and we are much better than Kelowna on both fronts.

Also I think such a pressure filled first round with so many side shows against an Everett team can be a disadvantage even if we advance.

It's really a must to NOT finish in the 6th slot in order to avoid a first round matchup against Tri or Spokane.

The team I would rather not see at all is Vancouver.

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