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Hockey Challenge 2014

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Holy 72 shots!

I would love for someone who went to the game to confirm with me how accurate the 72 shots were... Yikes... The Thunderbird recap says 74 shots but the WHL scoresheet has 72 shots.

Seattle just peppers Jordan White with shots tonight, who makes 68 saves and eventually score 4 third period goals to put the game away and win it 4-0. White made 68 saves on 71 shots which did not include the empty net goal apparently.

I didn't get a chance to catch much of the game tonight so I will point to the game recaps but another nice job by Seattle tonight to take care of business against a team of lesser skill.


Caprice said...

Was at the game. Some shots were right at the gut or on the pads but even if you take away a third of the shots it was still some awesome goaltending by White. As Seattle fans we were in awe and frustrated at the same time. While Seattle dominated the game, the goaltending by White kept the game exciting. He deserved the first star.

Calijh7 said...

Jordan White did have a spectacular game, but I would really only say about 60 shots were actually on goal. After the first 40 saves I started watching what was being counted as shots. They three times counted shots that hit posts as shots on goal. 3 more also going way wide that were gloved. A shot by Holloway from the corner was even counted as 2 shots. So..... who knows nothing should take away from White's game. He deserved the #1 star, it could have easily been 10-0. But I'm certain we had less than 70 shots.

Thunnex said...

Which is kind of what I thought... not to take anyhing away from Jordan White (or Kurtis Mucha) but it seems like the crew at Glass Palace is a little loose with the shots on goal. For the record... I wish the scorekeepers in GSHL would do the same.

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