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Hockey Challenge 2014

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More thoughts from last night's loss in Everett

Some more thoughts about the game from last night where Seattle was completely dominated after the first 10 minutes of play.
Dan Gendur and Zach Hamill were the best players on the ice all night long and Gendur had a wicked wrist shot working last night.

Everett went after Thomas Hickey as hard as or harder than any team has gone after him this year. Hickey was hammered at each opportunity and they really tried to get him off his game. I'm not sure that Hickey played poorly because of it, but they certainly set the tone for the rest of the game.

Along with the message being clearly sent towards Hickey, Everett just dominated physically all night long. The game plan by Becanic was clearly to hit Seattle in the mouth early and often and it really worked. Seattle just had too many fast (finesse) players and not enough muscle with Ian McKenzie out.
Who would have guessed that Seattle would lose as badly as they did on a night they start 2/2 on the Power Play and end up with 3 PP goals?

Seattle was so sloppy in their own end all night long and they obviously paid the price for doing so.

Riku Helenius' dominance of the Silvertips is over for the time being. I'm sure Riku would love to have some of those shots back. Many times the goals were defensive breakdowns and not solely his fault but when you get beat over the shoulder that many times, it is a sign that you aren't sure of yourself and you are getting sucked back into the net too far and giving up the top corners. Take nothing away from the Silvertips for some really good shots but as a goalie I know that when you don't feel great about your game you tend to seek comfort in getting closer to the net and hoping you can see the puck a half second longer. This, as I stated, tends to leave the corners open and Everett made some great shots to beat him over the shoulder.

The good news is.... its just one game and a strong outing tonight against Tri City would go a long way to erase the memory of last night. Seattle is still in a strong position to earn either 4th or 5th in the Conference and they just need to bounce back to keep that goal in focus.

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