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Hockey Challenge 2014

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Defense and Goaltending lead Team White to the 2-0 victory

I made it down to the KVIC last night for the 2nd scrimmage of training camp. Day 1 featured a ton of scoring as the two teams combined for 13 goals. Game 2 was quite different.

Lead by Riku Helenius and Calvin Pickard, Team White pitched a shutout 2-0 over Team Blue. By memory I believe the two goaltenders made 31 or 32 saves for the shutout.

Jacob DeSerres and Kyle Jahraus also played well for Team Blue. I did not make it down in time to see who scored the first goal for team White but 2nd goal was scored on a pretty pass by Kevin Spotts and an even better finish by Tyler Alos who directed the pass into the top corner over the shoulder of DeSerres. Prab Rai received the 2nd assist on the play.

I was also told that "Preacher" Steve Chaffin fought Kaydon Trumbley but I did not see it.

A few observations from last night. I tried to pay less attention to the players who are more established... the Greg Scotts, Boyers, Nielsens... whatever... they are gonna make the team. I tried to pay attention to the kids who I didn't know as well and notice how many times I had to look down at my sheet to check and see who THAT player was. So here are the kids I had to check on the most...

Keep in mind... while I was there, there were several players who just didn't see as much ice time as others as well so this should not be seen as an indication of who I think will make the team. I'll do a bit more of a breakdown on that probably tomorrow.

Team White

Brandon Carlson (16) #3 - looks good and very calm with the puck, but was beaten once to the outside by Richard (not a total shame there at all).

Tyler Alos (15) #14 - Scored the second goal for Team White and despite the fact that he is small he was involved in the play several times to the point where I had to keep checking on his name as well.

Matt Hallick (19) #15 - I had to check my sheet like 6 times for him. He skated hard and wasn't afraid to throw his body around.

Ashton Hewson(20) #23 - Wow he is a big kid and he was really playing hard and looking to crush people, I liked what I saw.

Kevin Spotts (17) #28 - He was involved a lot also and had the pretty pass to Alos for the goal. Spotts is a local kid who was in Everett camp last year.

Team Blue

Dan Gibb (16) #2 - He saw a ton of ice time and looked ok to me.

Ryan Armbruster (15) #3 - Big kid and loved to throw his weight around.

Stefan Warg (18) #8 - Didn't really see a ton of ice time while I was there but looked very calm and collected on the blue line.

Connor Sanvido (15) #11 - The Tbirds 1st round Bantam pick didn't do anything spectacular but also did not disappoint. He seemed to be involved in everything while he was on the ice.

Chip Petrino (18) #13 - Another local kid (Vancouver, WA). I'm not sure there is room for him to make the team but he impressed me and I thought he played well. Petrino was I believe in Chilliwack's camp last year.

Luke Lockhart (16) #15 - Another kid who I had to check my sheet for about 5 times.

Chance Lund (16) #23 - All the reports were spot on for this kid... He didn't do anything special that I saw but hes a big kid who skates well and should make the team.

Devon Leblanc (20) #24 - Leblanc looked good as well and also threw his weight around a little bit, which was nice to see.

Eddie Friesen (18) #25 - My gut tells me that Friesen doesn't make the team, but from what I'm told and saw last night the kid has skated hard and played pretty well.

I'll be down there tonight to check out the third and final scrimmage and throw up some roster thoughts tomorrow.

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