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Hockey Challenge 2014

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Team Blue wins 4-3 over Team White to end Scrimmages

Team Blue skated to a 4-3 win last night over Team White. I didn't keep track of all the scoring but I will include some notes I took during the game.

Cut from Tuesday's game was Daniel Dale, Joey Baker, Joe Glithero, Zach Maclellan and Jordan Salahor. All are 15 except Maclellan who I had heard had played well so that was a small surprise.

- Haber and Quakenbush scrapped. Quakenbush landed an early shot and Haber held a slight advantage the rest of the way. Neither guy looked like he was very interesting in hitting the other guy really hard... which is probably a good thing in Training Camp.

- Later Eddie Friesen who is listed at 5'10" and 178 scrapped with Kaydon Trumbley who checks in at 6'3" and 195. Frisen was really scrappy here spinning Trumbley around several times before the two finally spun to the ice. Good showing for Friesen though I still think he may not make the final roster.

- Ryan Armbruster was having a bit of a rough game last night but the kid is 6'3" 193 as a 15 year old and has a bright future.

- Leblanc added an assist later in the night but looked horrible offensively for stretches in the 1st and 2nd. I still like the way he skates and he's on the team for sure.

- Hewson had a bad giveaway that led to a nice top shelf goal by David Richard with assists going to Leblanc and Friesen

- Luke Lockhart scored off a rebound to beat Jahraus. Reid Johnson put a nice shot on goal from the point to get the assist.

- Hewson then scored on a nice 2nd effort. The initial setup was a nice pass from behind the net by Jeremy Boyer after Hewson had missed on a breakaway. Krgovich had the second assist.

- Warg drilled Matt Betker and unfortunately Betker's head and face twisted with the hit and smashed into the glass. Warg is definitely not afraid to hit people.

- Zach Walker has played well for most of camp but looked his age tonight (15). He was hit hard several times and was bullied and pushed way out of the play one time by Hewson. The word bullied is appropriate considering that Hewson tips the scales at 6'5" and 231 while Walker is listed at 5'9" and 163.

- Dillon had a nice shot that caromed off the bar and over the net.

- Nice crunch by Spencer Edwards on Krgovich on the far wall.

Team Blue holds off Team White to win it 4-3.

A little later today I'll take a look at what I think the final roster might look like. There are certainly some interesting battles.

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