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Hockey Challenge 2014

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I haven't posted anything in some time now... and I assume that some of my regular readers are wondering what is going on. I started writing a bit of a season preview by covering the goaltenders and what I think will be Seattle's first line for the 08-09 season, but I have put the "season preview" on hold for the time being. I am working on a huge multiple part article which "might" include a Q and A with coach Rob Sumner and I want to make sure everything is ready and looking sharp before publication.

Rookie camp is but a few weeks away with training camp to follow and the season opening in Prince George not long after that. Win or lose, this is going to be ONE of the most if not THE most historical season in Thunderbirds history and I'm hoping to provide a level of coverage that has not yet been seen by the loyal Seattle fan base. I have already received several tips from some great fans and I cannot stress enough how much I appreciate all of the great fans out there who throw information my way and care so much about the team.

Some of you may have noticed that the blog has changed slightly... Google has discontinued their use of the AdSense program and as such I was forced to change the Ad banners on the site. My hope is that these banners are not TOO annoying as they are only a small way to possible offset the cost of all the time I spend writing for the blog (don't worry folks... last season I made $7.98, barely enough for a beer... all fans are welcome to buy me one at the games next season!).

So there is the update... I was feeling guilty that I had not posted in a while... Rest assured that this is only the calm before the storm there there will be a TON of content to follow.

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